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July & August 2019

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August Self-Care Challenge!

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August Self-Care Challenge

Interpret and try any of the topics above to help you get back to you. Most importantly, take time for yourself. We need to recharge our batteries and be aware we're not draining out batteries completely dead before we tap out for a break. Enjoy all your self-care moments however they are characterized!

Start the School Year with 3 Simple SEL Strategies

Mary Ryerse

August 23rd, 2017

At the start of the school year, parents, teachers and students alike have plenty of logistics to manage. There are external lists to think about such as supply lists, schedules and back-to school-nights, many of which fall outside of one’s total control.

However, we need to also take a few minutes during this hectic time to talk with young people about their internal lists–what they bring from within that they can control. Things such as attitude, effort and respect.

Read Mary's full article where she provides the how-tos of getting 3 simple SEL strategies integrated from the beginning of the school year.

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