Albert Einstein

By: Dakotah Myers

When was Albert Einstein important!

March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955

Where was Albert from?

Albert Einstein was born in Germany. After he was born two weeks later they moved. He lived in a lot of different places.

The first fun fact!

Albert was Germany-born and he developed a theory of relativity , among other feats.

Fact Number two!

The second fact I found was that Albert Einstein used to be a smoke addict. He ended up joining the Montreal Pipe Smokers Club.

Fact #3 (A little part of his career.)

Albert Einstein worked towards many diferent things. He first trained to be a physics and mathmatics teacher, Although he did not find an open spot for that.

A famous quote!

One of his famous quotes is... "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

The last fact!

The final fact that I saw is that Albert Einstein rewrote the laws of nature. He completely changed the way we understand the behavior of things as basic as light, gravity, and time.