serbia montenegro

by kady


It is a land locket on territory in the Balkan peninsula on the eastern Europe side.

It is bordering 11 countries and one sea, it is called the Adriatic Sea.

Serbia covers 34,136 square miles, it also covers 88,412 square Kilometers: Montenegro covers 5299 square miles, it also covers 13,724 square kilometers: all together in square miles is 39,435, in square kilometers it is 102,136.

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current Event

Serbia player threatened at gun point for penalty missed. The novia pazar defender sent his penalty over the bar in last weeks top fight gang against F.K Rad.

Two days later several men broke into the dressing room at the club training ground and the gun was held to the face. the 27 year old reported since the superniga Club.


Democray-A from of Goverment in which is usually exercised through a system of representation and delegated authority periodically renewed. A state in which the supreme power rest in the body of citizens entitled vote for ofifcers and representavies.
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