Social Worker

By: Victoria Faso p.10 Ms. Paulin


Occupational Information Network (O* NET)

Job Outlook & Growth 2010-20: 25% (Faster than average) Job Openings: 128,300

Career Details

Responsibilities: Counsel individuals, groups, families, or communities about issues including mental health, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, physical abuse, rehabilitation, social adjustment, child care, or medical care.

Interview clients about their situations, capabilities, and problems, to determine what services can help them.

Keep case history records and prepare reports.

Give clients information about where to go and how to apply based on their situation.

Discuss the cause of the problems and provide solutions.

Address legal issues to clients.

Develop and review service plans in consultation with clients, and preform follow-ups assessing the quantity and quality of services provided.

Average Hours/ Working Schedule: Social Workers usually work evenings and weekends.

Working Location: In a agency that specials in just social workers.

Salary/ Wage: $19.56 hourly $40,680 -$80,000 annually

Skills Required/ Education Needed

Bachelors and Master degree

Therapy and Counseling 91%

Psychology 90%

English Language 81%

Sociology and Anthropology 75%

Customer and Personal Service 73%


Active Listening


Reading Comprehension

Social Perceptiveness

Critical Thinking


Service Orientation


Complex Problem Solving

Judgement and Decision making

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