Amateurs Needed for Adult Modeling

Same Day Cash PAY

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Audition/Casting FAQ's
I've never done this. I am totally new to this!

That's exactly what we're looking for. Amateurs are people who haven't done this before. Whichever videographer works with you will do their best to make you feel at home and instruct you about the best way to proceed through your video shoots. Even if you do have some experience doing amateur work, this is for you too.

What kind of films/productions are you looking to hire for?
All kinds! From soft to hard-core, every studio is slightly different. Some studios look for models who do both, others specialize in different niches and fetishes. The amateur industry is growing at tremendous rates. Amateurs are high in demand!

Is there MONEY to be made in the adult entertainment industry?
Yes! Between traditional movies/films and modern internet-based ventures, there is a lot of money in this business! The industry continues to grow and hundreds of amateurs are discovered every year. Amateurs who have developed a following of fans can command pay of up to $1,000+ per scene.

If I'm hired, how much of my time is this going to take?
It ranges from person to person but on average, scenes typically last about an hour to capture all the needed shoots which are then edited down to a final product of about 20 minutes. Expect to spend about two hours for paperwork, hair & makeup, agreement with director about the acts to be performed, shooting the scene, breaks and wrap-up.
How does the audition/casting work? What is required of me to do?

You MUST be over 18, no exceptions! The audition/casting requires you to fill out a questionnaire detailing what you are comfortable doing as a model. We will also be taking 6-9 fully nude pictures. (Front, Back, Side) and video in which you introduce yourself. These are reviewed by producers and will not be public. If you're well-suited for a producer's particular amateur niche, we'll help coordinate scheduling and provide as much hand-holding as you need to feel comfortable (or help with a swift, graceful exit if you later decide this isn't for you).

Does auditioning guarantee me a job?
No. Your pictures and introductory video will be made available to suitable producers looking for amateurs like you. Producers have an ongoing need for talent and if you don't get an immediate response, there's a good possibility that you would be contacted severa weeks or months down the road. If they are interested at any time, you will get a phone call from us, and us only.

Is my personal info revealed to all studios when they review models?
No. Amateur Action will notify you via phone when there is interest by a producer. On the day of the shoot, you must then provide identification such as your driver's license.

Is there a fee that I need to pay if I land a job?
Absolutely NOT. In fact, at any time, you can earn a referral bonus by introducing your friends to us. You will be paid on the same day they successfully complete a paid scene with a produced. There is no limit to the amount of referral bonuses you can earn!

Are there others present during audition/casting?
It will be just you and the photographer unless you bring a friend (just one please).

What's the bottom line, how much am I going to be paid?
As much as we wish we could provide you an exact amount, it really depends. Essentially, it's supply and demand... If you're a 18 year-old knock-out willing to do things guys usually can only dream of doing with their girlfriend, there's going to be a lot of guys willing to pay to view your work and you're going to be paid a lot, as $500+ without a doubt. If you deliver a top-notch performance, we're going to quickly refer you to the pros in Miami who will pay you at least twice as much. They can afford that because they've got a massive number of paying customers. If you wanted to keep things on the down-low, you'll need to reevaluate that before agreeing to work for the big boys.

What should I do about my concern about how my friends and family would react if they found out?

Quite simply, don't do it. As much as we and producers do to protect your anonymity, there will ALWAYS be a chance someone will find out. In fact, the most common way of being outed is models sharing their secret with friends who don't respect their privacy. If you feel your life could be ruined by someone finding your work and telling others, don't do it. The fun experience and pay in the near-term may not be worth the potential problems you may encounter in the future and only you can make that decision based on your goals for the future.