April Newsletter

UPCCA Updates

Phase 4 CCL - Governor Cox announced that on April 10, 2021 the mask mandate will end. Child Care Licensing also announced that on April 10th Phase 4 will begin which means we will go back to pre-COVID licensing rules. This includes but is not limited to: temperature checks not required, hand washing/sanitizer upon arrival not required for parents, playgrounds don't have to be sanitized in between groups, group sizes can increase to "normal" sizes as per licensing, masks not required, cleaning everything everyday will no longer be required, etc. If your county/city has more strict rules then you need to abide by them. As Owners/Directors you can always choose to implement more strict rules and continue doing any of the previously mentioned COVID rules as you see fit.

Electronic Signatures - You no longer need to have a variance to use electronic signatures. Providers still need to receive the 3 required signatures for incident/accident reports but they can be electronic.

Care About Childcare - ITTERS & ECCERS training classes are being offered virtually and you can sign up for the 1/5-2 hour courses at careaboutchildcare.utah.gov.

CCQS - The CCQS framework has had two minor changes. #1 - Two points are now available under the parent engagement part for using ASQ screeners as the state of Utah has adopted ASQ as the state's screener of choice. Other screeners can still be used for the original 1 point. #2 - There has been a change in the wording surrounding Topstar. Topstar has updated their endorsement to include levels 4 and 5. The wording now shows a level 3 or higher to include any new endorsements of people receiving the higher levels 4 or 5 on Topstar.

Applications for participating programs who have participated in the formal rating process or applied to participate, even if the process was not completed due to COVID prior to June of 2020, will be able to apply with the anticipated date of June 2021. This means that programs who intend to apply need to be collecting their parent engagement materials beginning October 2020 going forward. Observation months are anticipated to begin September 2021. Each scheduled observation month still follows the documentation period according to the schedule as prescribed before when CCQS was first laid out. There are time frame guides to refer to on the OCC page. https://jobs.utah.gov/occ/provider/quality.html

Director Support Groups - Northern Region is NOW meeting the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1pm. We have combined the Southern Utah and Utah County Support meetings. Meeting will be held on the 4th Wednesday at 1pm. Salt Lake/Tooele Support Meeting will continue to be the 3rd Wednesday at 12:30pm. Zoom links have not changed so you can update your re-occurring calendars!

COVID Vaccine - Early Childhood Educators are NOW eligible to receive the COVID vaccine if wanted. Contact your local Health Department to find out more information and to set up your appointment.

Lobbying - Please consider joining our legislative lobbying group and get involved in helping make the change for us as providers! Think UEA. We want to get more influential like them! Contact Brian Zabriskie at brian@atozbuildingblocks.com.

Upcoming Meetings

Member Meeting

April 15, 2021


Board Meeting

May 13, 2021