Help America Win the cold war

By:Adithya Kari

How do ideas evolve into change

The idea that we needed to be the strongest country caused the Soviet Union wanting to be the strongest as well and cause us to start making many nuclear bombs to protect ourselves in the case that the Soviet Union started to bomb us.

What events were most critical to the outcome of the Cold War

When Soviet Union made their first nuclear bomb to caused Us to Make more to protect us which caused the Soviet Union to make more bombs until we both made enough bombs to destroy the whole world.

How did this Conflict lead to other Conflict

We need help for you to help us beat Soviet Union by making bombs. We need you to help us make more bombs to out do the Soviet Union. THis conflict was caused when we made the first nuclear bomb and Russia wanted to make one as well.

How do competing ideas impact independence movement

During the cold war America and Soviet Union where trying to out do each other by creating more and more powerful nuclear bombs. This caused both countries being able to destroy both side and cause people to have to make special rooms to save themselves.