Fable Story

Fable By: Leah S. Goldstein

Lila the Ladybug & Casey the Caterpillar

One fine August afternoon, Casey the Caterpillar was snacking on a piece of lettuce for her lunch when she noticed that Lila the Ladybug was flying around outside of Casey’s house. “Why would Casey be flying right outside of my house? Does she realize that crickets can’t fly! She probably just wants to show off her newly dotted wings to me!” Casey exclaimed. “I just wish that I could fly!” Casey thought to herself.

After Casey finished her lunch, she exited outside to join Lila & the rest of their friends. Lila noticed Casey coming out and she really didn’t like Casey the Caterpillar because she thought that Casey was trying to steal her best friends from her. She knew that there was no possible way that a caterpillar could ever fly. Casey was saying to Lila, “Lila, I was just wondering, well, is there any possible way that a cricket could fly?!” Lila and her friends started bursting out laughing. Lila thought to herself, “If caterpillars can’t fly, then I can carry Casey up into the sky as high as I can and then let her fall down, down to the ground. It’s the perfect plan to get Casey away from me and my friends once and for all!” “Sure! Of course there’s a way! I’m just going to have to carry you way up into the sky.” Lila said slyly. “Why way up in the sky?” Casey asked curiously. “Uh… Um…” Lila stammered. “Oh, because you can fall, I mean FLY a lot higher!” Lila cried out.

The big day was here! By then, everyone in town knew about Casey’s daring mission, so everyone was there. Casey the caterpillar was all suited up in her airplane goggles and looked like she could take off any second. Her excitement was over energizing her! A big platform was set up, ready for them to take off. “Are you ready?” said Lila. “Ready as I’ll ever be!” Casey said over excited. “OK, 1, 2, 3!” And they instantly took off! “Wow! I’ve never been up this high before!” Casey said, but before she could say anything else, Lila started to let go of her, one by one finger. “What are you doing?!?!?!” Casey screamed. “You said that you wanted to have the time of your life, so here you go!” And slowly, Casey started to come down, down to the ground. When Casey landed on the ground, that was the end of Casey the Caterpillar.

Moral: Don't Always Believe What You Hear