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Why we should STOP smoking

We should banned the areas and stop smoking because if people can't smoke inside the building then we should banned them to have smoking areas on the property. People would abuse the power of their brakes and smoke until they are late for work; when they are already clocked in

Some reasons why

  • People are still smoking
  • the smoke from the cigarettes is still going into our atmosphere
  • Some people have really bad asthma and if they inhale the smoke they could have an asthma attack.
  • It's killing people everyday because it's destroying their lungs and their breathing and their teeth.

What would happen if we didn't smoke?

  • If people don't smoke they would be able to do things better than the ones that smoke everyday.
  • They could exercise better, breathe more peacefully with out coughing every time they inhale.
  • They could be more active with their families and friends
  • The people who aren't smoking are going to live longer than the one's that do smoke
Ladies and Gentleman these are the reasons why we should banned smoking everywhere, and to help the ones that do smoke because they are killing their insides and killing their skin cells, they won't live long. Everyday people are getting lung cancer or some type of disease and it's because of smoking and we need to stop it before it gets out of hand. Here is an example of smoker and nonsmoker