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An Interview with THE Jenna Fox

CD: Jenna, how to you feel being the FIRST person made of Bio Gel?
Jenna: Well, even though I started illegal, I feel that the world is becoming more accepting of the fact that some people need help.

CD: So, how is it going with you and Ethan?

Jenna: We are fine, but Lilly isn't as fine, oh I hope she is okay.

CD: Who was your First friend?

Jenna: Well before the accident, I think

I had a good connection with Lilly. AD ( After Disaster ) it would be Mr. Bender.

CD: Jenna, do you ever blame the "accident" on yourself?

Jenna: Well is was my car, and I gave Kara the keys, and I yelled so go faster, so I feel like I could have prevented the accident, so I feel guilty.

CD: Were you closer friends with Kara, or Locke?

Jenna: Well I was close friends with both, and only wish they where here again.

CD: Do you feel grateful for what your parents have done, or do you wish that they never did it?

Jenna: At first I was mad that they did this, but now that I'm more mature I understand that they did this because they love me, and want me to live my life.

CD:Do you think that this has helped you, ( Going through this incident ) as a human?

Jenna: Yes, it has made me much stronger, and braver.

CD: What is your favorite word?

Jenna: It would definitely be Curiosity!

CD:Do you have all of your memories back?

Jenna: Most, but it's kinda hard to receive them, there is almost a trigger.

CD: What did it mean to you being illegal?

Jenna: it meant that I wasn't supposed to be here, but I am, and FSEB has changed.


Has the FSEB has Changed their opinion on Bio Gel?


The FBEB has recently changed their position on what it means to be human, and supporting Fox's Bio Gel. This has been a big leap in our country now allowing people to be alive with the minimum of 10% of their natural self left. This is a huge stance. Now thousands, even Millions of lives can be saved. Mr. Fox as found a was to copy each body part to the exact. The minimum required for this is 10% of the brain, that is called the Butterfly, it runs the whole body. This is one huge step in human existence!


Fox Bio Systems Location/Lab

If you need to contact Mr. Fox about a deadly situation then contact Fox Bio Systems Lab for help.

(The contacts are fake)



Who Won the Laron Game?

The Snow Cats Won

The snow cats won that deathly battle last night of Laron. This was a close battle but the Montana Snow Cats Won! It started, with the Polars up by 17 but in the 2nd quarter it was a close tie. the game ended with a tie so they went into a 5th quarter. this was tough and Mitch got the winning Jump!