Virtual Resume

Harkirat Gill


1) Academic –

S: I would like to achieve honour roll for this year, get an average of 80-85%.

M: I would be prepared for the exams and work hard on assignments.

A: I would study each day and not slack off from my homework. I would create study cards and not be distracted from my devices.

R: I am already getting good grades in my classes, I need to keep it up. If I do not do well on my final assignments or exams, my mark could drop.

T: Exams are coming up for this semester and I will study for them each weekend and each day after school for 30 minutes.

2) Volunteering –

S: To volunteer at the National Food Bank on weekends for my 40 hours.

M: I have free time on the weekend. I am willing to work.

A: I am able to be picked up and dropped off at the food bank.
R: I am able to volunteer there, I can do what is needed of me.
T: Each weekend I will volunteer for 3 hours so by June 2016, I will have all my hours and more done.

Project Editor

Future Job Resume

Harkirat Gill

6 Wall St. Brampton, ON L6R 0N2 | | 905-654-9170

Objective –

To aid in the process that it takes to publish a written article or text as an editor working towards a project editor at the Daisy May Publishing Company.

Skills –

Good Organizational skills

Multilingual – French, English, Punjabi, Sign Language, Spanish, Latin

Excellent people-oriented skills

Great cook – can cook a gourmet meal

Exceptional computer skills - Word, Photoshop, Excel, Publisher, iMovie

Education –

University of Windsor, ON

Bachelors of Arts


  • Earned honours for all four years, graduated with a GPA of 8 out of 9.0.
  • Alumni English Honours Award – student entering the second year of an Honours B.A. program majoring in English

Louise Arbour Secondary School, ON



  • Earned honour roll for all four years, graduated with a GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0
  • Excellence award for Business and Comm. Tech. (grade 9) and for English (grades 11 and 12)
  • Awarded Student of the Month five times

Work Experience –

Admin Assistant Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Markham, ON

2018-2019 (summer)

  • Liaison between branch and sales office
  • Responsible for ongoing scheduling and maintenance of the branch's wireless and POS equipment
  • Communicate with customer to resolve inquiries surrounding reorder and commission order fulfillment

Copywriter and Curator

Burlington, ON


  • Plan and implement all customer-facing merchandising including featured book lists, sales, site sliders, and promoted content
  • Stay up-to-date with trends in the book/publishing industry and use that knowledge to keep merchandising looking fresh and current
  • Work with other team members to provide lists of titles for various external promotions
  • Write all copy for the brand—app descriptions, error messages, email campaigns, press releases, etc.
  • Plan, create and deploy content for social media
  • Organize contests, giveaways and free book promotions

Volunteer Experience –

Translator, Editor, and Office Assistant/Typist Connexions

Toronto, ON


  • Variety of office tasks, data entry and typing
  • Translate from English to French and Spanish
  • Select articles and resources for the Focus sections on the Connexions site

Certifications –

  • Standard First Aid and CPR Level A
  • National Trade Certification

Awards/Recognition –

  • The Helena M. Coyle B.A. Prize in English – highest standing in First Level English courses
  • Alistair & Anita MacLeod Prize in Creative Writing – chosen by a competition of the best fiction

Job Challenges

1) The amount of projects and the deadlines for these projects plus how to prioritise can be very stressful on the editor. Everyone wants their work edited first so it can be published as soon as possible, this creates limited deadlines for all the projects. There are major edits, minor edits, blog posts and last-minute changes to contend to. To not be overwhelmed with all this work and become stresses, editors can have 1-2 hours each day marked as a time to send out the final edited copies of their projects. With better time management it is easier to meet deadlines and have an organized schedule for them.

2) An editor is associated with someone sitting at a desk correcting grammar and spelling mistakes on a written manuscript or document but now, in these times, editors have to acquire digital skills and adapt to other changes. The solution would be to already be educated in these skills beforehand or learn them when you are already an editor.