Harry Potter

and the Prisoner of Azkaban By J. K. Rowling


Harry Potter isn't a normal boy, infact he's far from it, he is a wizard. Every school year Harry goes to a wizarding school called Hogwarts. This year, however, is different. He is under the watchful eye of most teachers this year, because of Serious Black, the first wizard to ever escape Azkaban is said to be looking for him. Because of Black, there are dementors (which Harry isn't fond of) are lurking about the school grounds in search of Black. Harry doesn't know why he is the one that Serious wants, is Black meaning to kill Harry? Or does he want something else?

"That Suggests that what you fear most of all is - fear. Very wise, Harry."


I give this story a 4.5 out of a 5 star rating. This book had a strong fantasy feel but also combined a little bit of realistic things. This book had an excellent conflict and will leave you gasping for air with this fantastic book. This novel is recommended (by me) for anyone 10 and up because some younger children shouldn't read it because of the violence, scary images (for little kids) and the higher reading level. Other than that this book is appropriate for almiost all ages!