By CJ Petrocco

Wanted For

Tin is wanted for illegal mining operations in China, Bolivia, and Brazil


- Tin is also known as rock, silver, Metal, and blende

- The chemical symbol is Sn

- Tin comes from the Latin word stannum


- Tin is a silvery white metal

- It's atomic mass is 118.710

- It's atomic number is 50

- Tin is a metal

- It appears stable in room temprature


- 50 protons

- 69 nutrons

- 50 electrons

First Arresting Officer

-It is not quite certain who discovered tin

Report of First Arrest

- Tin was believed to have been discovered around 3000 bc

- It was introduced in the Bronze Age and was used in bronze

- Bronze is roughly 90% copper and 10% tin

Last Seen

- Tin is a post transitional metal on the periodic table

- It is located to the left of the zig-zag line

- Tin is found mostly in China, Thialand, Malaysia, Indionesia, Bolivia, Russia, and Brazil

- Tin is found in cassiterite witch is a mineral found in the ground

Known Associates

- Tin reacts with water from tin dioxide

- Sn(s) + 2H2O(g) → SnO2(s) + 2H2(g)


Tin is not know to cause any type of harm to the human body.
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