Proclamation of 1763

By: Morgan Warder

Big Statement

Create a product demonstrating/explaining the impact of the Proclamation of 1763 on the Economic systems of Virginia. The French and Indian War is a big component with the Proclamation of 1763. The document quotes," To every the rank of a Field Officer-5,000 acres, To every Captain-3,000 acres, To every Subaltern or Staff Officer-2,000 acres, e.t.c. This was a big part in our history.

Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation of 1763 is a historical document made for everyone that served as a solider in the French and Indian War. It was made for land in that society. The Privy council was now running and that was basically the judges and gave advice during the writing of this document. The text quotes,"--We do therefore, with the advice of our Privy Council, declare it to be our Royal Will and Pleasure that no Governor or Commander in Chief in any of our Colonies.....".

Virginia Economics

The three big things in Virginia's economics is The Triangle Trade, Tobacco, and land. The Triangle Trade goes to The Caribbean Islands, West Africa, New World/North America and England. Tobacco is the biggest product that comes out of The southern Colonies including Georgia, Maryland, Carolina's, and Virginia. Land was one of the most important things throughout the 13 colonies. The House of Burgess is the Government in Jamestown, Virginia.

Impact of those Economics Features

Coming back to the French and Indian War the expanding of the 13 colonies was pushing the Natives into the French civilizations on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains. The Natives lived and survived in the Appalachian Mountains Valleys. The French had claimed the land on the other side so Natives were forced to move. The Proclamation of 1763 is all about military and land that is all the care about in this old law.

Conclusion Statement

The Proclamation of 1763 was really important for the citizens at that point in time because it basically meant that there was more products coming out of all the plantations. That means more population and more goods for the Triangle Trade. Which makes money to buy slaves so the cycle continues and would not stop for a long time.