Crockett Early Education School

April Parent Newsletter

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Content Areas

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PreK 4


-alliteration (words beginning with the same sound)

-blending of spoken phonemes to form one syllable words (/c/ /a/ /t/ = cat)

-rhyming (words ending in the same sound).

ELA – Yy, Qq; he, I

SLA – Qq, Zz; con, es


-continue working on addition and subtraction using concrete models, creating pictorial models, and sharing word problems for adding up to 5 objects.

Social Studies/SEL

-continue exploring geography tools and resources,

-needs vs. wants by demonstrating that all people need food, clothing, and shelter.


-continue learning about Earth and Sky

-characteristics of organisms

Pre-K 3

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In April, we're working on the following:

Reading & Writing:

-Writing Letters of the Week

-Creating king and queen sentences

-Phonological Awareness : Rhymes, and Alliteration.

-Read-Alouds: Backyard Bugs; Monarchs; Grasshopper Gus; The Lizards in the Window

Letters – A,a; S,s; C,c; B,b ; F,f; M,m; D,d; L,l; G,g; I,I; L,l ; W,w

Letter Focus:













Social & Emotional Learning:

-Commitment to be kind and connect with gentle hands


-Numeration 1, 2, 3


-Building Ants and Other Creatures

Home Connection:

-Finding numerals’ around the house

Specials Corner

Note from your Specials Team:

Below are some of the amazing things your child will be learning in specials during the month of April.

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During the month of April we will be doing some fun activities incorporating science into our drawings. We will be drawing organisms and the life cycle of a frog. We will also be working on a special project to help prepare for our Awards Ceremony that will be at the end of the school year.

-Mrs. Lovelace

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In PE we will wrap up learning our field day games to prepare for a great day at the end of the year. We will begin to explore scooter games and will also learn to use strider-bikes. Looking forward to a great month of lots of fun movement with the kiddos!

-Coach Tran

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First, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to parents for bringing your students to the pod performances in March. The kiddos were amazing and we are so proud of them and all their hard work! During the month of April we will be working on listening to, speaking and singing loud and soft sounds. We will also be learning some special songs preparing for the Awards Ceremony that will be at the end of the year. Looking forward to some great sounds coming out of the music classroom.

-Mrs. Mauldin

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Important Dates in APRIL-

1: Pre-K4 Application Opens for Students Who Will be 4 Years Old by Sept. 1

2: Tuesday Greeters 7:30-8:30a

3: Fire Drill

5: Last day of Pennies for Patients Campaign

10: PACT-Raising a Scholar by Yadira Reyes, School Counselor 8:30-9:30 am

10: PreK 3 Parent Health Fair

11-12: Mother's Retreat at Crockett

17: A is for Aerospace Field Trip


22: Bad Weather Make-Up Day (NO SCHOOL)

24: PACT-Turtle Time! Presenter: Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center @ 8:30-9:30 am

26: PreK 3 Birthday Celebration @ 1:45-2:15p

Health Spot

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-Please provide students with change of clothes daily.

-Please do not send medicine in the back packs, you must sign all medicine in with clinic staff.

-All medications require a medication administration form completed by the doctor.

-If there are any new medical diagnosis or concerns present during or after the break please notify the clinic staff.

Head Lice

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Head lice can be a problem among school aged children. We need your help in controlling head lice. Grand Prairie Independent School District follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics for control of head lice. The only exception being, we do exclude students with live lice. Students with live lice or nits ¼ inch (live nits) or closer to the scalp shall be excluded from school until they are clear. To avoid unnecessary exclusion the administration provides the following guidelines:

Recent research has shown that routine classroom screenings for head lice are unnecessary. However, should multiple cases be reported, (more than 2 cases in the same class room at the same time) the nurse will screen that classroom.

  1. If the school nurse or teacher discovers head lice or live nits in a student’s hair, the parent/guardian of that student will be notified to pick up their student. The student may not return to school until treated. Treatment recommendations and literature will be provided to the parent.
  2. Upon returning to school, the parent must accompany the student into the clinic to be rechecked by the nurse. Once the nurse has rechecked the student and no live lice or live nits are found, the nurse will give the student a note to be readmitted to class. If live head lice are found at that time, the parent/guardian will again take the student home for retreatment. The nurse shall reinstruct the parent concerning treatment. This process will continue until the student is free of head lice.
  3. If head lice continue to be a problem after treatment, parents need to get over-the- counter lice treatment shampoo or a prescription treatment. You may also want to contact a lice treatment company to remove the lice/nits for you.
  4. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a parent/campus administrator conference.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of further service, please contact your school nurse.

Thank you,

Director of Health Services

Frequent Asked Questions...

Q: What is a fever? What temperature is considered a fever?

A: In many cases, a fever is a symptom of an underlying cause when the body is attempting to fight an infection by turning up the body’s temperature. Anything above 37.0°C/100°F.

Q: How can I tell when my child has a fever?

A: While the hand or kiss on the forehead may give you an idea, it is best to use a thermometer. There are many kinds of thermometers on the market, from oral (from the mouth), temporal (swipe across the forehead), tympanic (in the ear), or rectal (via the butt).

Q: If my child has a fever could it be the flu?

A: Not necessarily. Influenza, or flu, not everyone presents with a fever. According to the Center for Disease Control, flu is a virus whose common signs and symptoms cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, body aches, headaches, tiredness, and possibly vomiting and diarrhea (which is more common in children.) The flu happens abruptly and can last from 3-4 days. The main concern, is the possibility of complications from the flu which can range from patient to patient.

Q: How is influenza spread?

A: Influenza is a virus that is spread through droplets. For example, someone coughs or sneezes without covering their mouth/nose or use their hand then touch an object. For children, not washing their hands and putting them in their mouths. Teach your children proper hand hygiene with soap, water or hand sanitizer.

Q: I heard strep throat is going through the school. What is it and how to we prevent it?

A: Strep throat is commonly a bacterial infection that causes a sore throat, fever, may cause breathing problems and difficulty swallowing. It is spread the same way as influenza by droplets. The best prevention method is proper hand hygiene.

Q: Can my child go to school with a mild fever if he/she take Tylenol?

A: Unfortunately, No. The infection is still present and communicable (transmittable) to other students and staff. Children should stay home until they have not had a fever for 24 hours without medication to reduce it.

Q: What other health conditions can send my child home from school / keep my child home from school?

A: This list includes, but not limited to having a fever within 24 hours of school, active vomiting or vomiting twice while at school, diarrhea, body rash with itching and/or fever, head lice, and or an eye infection. For each student in school, the school nurse will evaluate each child and make a determination based upon clinical judgement and Grand Prairie policy regarding the illness.

Q: I cannot afford to take time off of work. If I send medications to reduce the fever/prevent diarrhea can my child stay in school?

A: Unfortunately, no. First and foremost, the student is ill and rest is critical for the best recovery. In addition, the ill student can unintentionally infect other students. The staff and school district and making every attempt to maintain a clean and germ-free environment, but we need to assistance of parents and caregivers. Parents and caregivers are strongly urged to prepare for such events in advanced to avoid making the tough decisions in the early mornings just before school.

Q: How do I keep my child from getting the flu or strep?

A: First and foremost, PREVENTION! Teach your child how to properly wash their hands with soap and water. Coughing and sneezing into their elbow not their hands or into the open. If your child gets sick, wipe down their toys, change their toothbrush, and actively clean surfaces in the home. Talk to your pediatric healthcare provider about the flu shot and how it can reduce the chances of getting the flu or at a minimum, reduce the symptoms and prevent further complications.

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Counselor's Corner

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The month of April we are continuing to work on demonstrating empathy and caring for others. Each POD will work on expressing gratitude and kindness towards people throughout our community such as our firefighters, police officers and near-by children’s hospital. You can help us foster a culture of kindness in our school by participating in our Kindness Tree Project. Each student will take home a colored sheet of paper where you will have the opportunity to highlight your child’s efforts in being kind using their handprint. Each handprint will be placed in our school kindness tree. We sincerely appreciate your support and collaboration as we continue to #BeKindGPISD #BeKindCUBS.

-Yadira Reyes, Crockett Counselor


Our attendance average for the month of March was 91.29%.

Our Campus Goal is to have 98% of our students present every day. Please help us by ensuring your child is here each day, on time and remains at school for the duration of the school day.

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Good Things Happening at Crockett...

GPISD Kid Magic Award Recipient

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Congratulations to Mrs. Minotti, our wonderful Family Engagement Specialist on being awarded GPISD's Kid Magic Award Recipient for the month of March! We are so grateful to have her as a part of our Crockett Family!

March Staff Member of the Month...

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Congratulations to our March Staff Member of the Month, our lead custodian, Mr. Lawrence Washington. He embodies several leadership qualities including competence and is always cheerful and kind. He works hard to ensure our building is well prepared for students every day. He collaborates with all staff to make sure the job gets done.Thanks for all that you do, Mr. Washington!


Please ensure that you are utilizing the left-hand side of the parking lot and unmarked parking spaces when you are parking your vehicle. Help us by reserving all handicap parking spots for our visitors with disabilities and all designated employee parking spaces for those specific visitors at all times.