By: Phil Robertson

Summary! :P

Happy Happy Happy is about Phil Robertson's back ground. About how he had a good life until he was over come by drugs. It then was all down hill from there! Miss Kay kicked him out of the house and moved herself and Alan, Jase, and Willie to another part of Louisiana. When Phil realized how bad it was he got over the drugs and being an alcoholic and asked Miss Kay to forgive him. When she did there was one thing he had to do and that was start going to church! A year later he accepted Christ, had there fourth child Jep and started making duck calls!

My Opinions

I would definitely recommend this book to some it was a very eye opening book for me in how much drugs can affect a person's life! The one thing I love about this book no matter how angry he was or upset with any one he never cussed! One thing I did not like was how he got off topic and stated talking about his brother Si! Other than that the book was a good amazing book!!!! : )

By: Meagan Richmond