Creating a Documentary

Make a difference in the world!


Transform your research presentation into a documentary film advocating for a particular solution to the issue. Use research-based evidence, persuasive appeals, and documentary film techniques to engage an audience and convince them of your argument.

Questions to think about when planning...

Which solutions in your presentation were most engaging and/or persuasive?

How will your film present the problem and advocate for a solution?

How will your film seek to fairly and objectively present opposing points of view?

Who is your target audience?

Questions to think about when editing...

What film mode or style will you use, and how subjective will your film be as a result?

How will you organize your film to include research-based evidence and elements of an argument?

How can you use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade your audience?

How will you integrate a variety of documentary film techniques for specific effects?

(Professional) Examples Below

View the videos below, focusing on sound, camera angles, rhetorical appeals, images, and evidence.
TRASHED trailer (2012) - Environmental documentary with Jeremy Irons
Official Trailer - Gyre: Creating Art From a Plastic Ocean


*You can work with ONE other person

*Your film should be between 1 1/2 to 3 minutes in length

*Review the scoring guide as you produce and edit the film

*Upload your completed film to YouTube