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Dexter Park Staff Weekly Roundup

Dexter Park Core Values

We believe that all students can learn

We believe that all students should feel:

  • safe
  • welcome
  • respected
  • successful

December 7-11, 2015

Dearest Colleagues,

I am writing this feeling so refreshed from being back in the building this week, seeing you all and the kids, and engaging in some truly meaningful PD. Every time we meet in a staff meeting or PD session, I leave with countless ideas for how I can further support the work you do each day. You collaboration and willingness to stretch yourselves is inspirational and truly models life-long learning. Again, thank you for keeping me connected with you in my absence via email, photos, sharing of student work, etc.

As I am sure you are well aware, the coming weeks can be particularly stressful for both staff and students. Be mindful of this and willing to breathe and cut yourselves some slack. Support your students and each other by taking in the small moments and the beauty of the season. Most of all, be grateful for relationships that you have fostered this year, both with colleagues and with your students. Take time for yourselves, each other, and your families. You will find you are a better support for students when you take care of yourself first.



What Most Schools Don't Teach

Winter Program: December 17th

At 9:00 a.m. our program will be performed by the following 7 classes: Mr. Mitchell, Grade 3; Ms. Channing, Grade 3; Ms. Doran, Grade 4; Mrs. Murray, Grade 5; Mr. Herk, Grade 5; Mr. Smith, Grade 6; Ms. Bliss, Grade 6

At 1:45 p.m. our program will be performed by the following 8 classes: Ms. Hayne, Grade 3; Mrs. Hebert, Grade 3; Mrs. Eichorn, Grade 4; Mrs. Murphy, Grade 4; Mrs. Holmes, Grade 5; Mrs. Apteker, Grade 5; Mrs. Chilton, Grade 6; Mr. Russo, Grade 6

An rehearsal is being planned for the 16th- stay tuned...

Upcoming Dates

December 15th: Math Task Force @ 3:15 (Fisher Hill Library)

December 16th: Winter Program rehearsal

December 17th: Winter Program (see above)

December 18th: Special Education Staff Meeting @ 2:00 p.m. (Fisher Hill); Student Recognitions due!

December 23rd-January 1st: Winter Recess

January 4th: School Reopens

Quotes of the Week

“Researchers increasingly recognize that promoting mathematical learning requires teachers to engage students in ‘productive struggle,’ where students expend effort to make sense of mathematics and figure out something that is not immediately apparent.”

Megan Franke et al.

“You don’t build strong readers by teaching children to ‘find the main idea,’ ‘make inferences,’ and ‘compare and contrast.’ You do it by fixing a child’s gaze on the world outside the classroom window.”

Robert Pondiscio

“Annual reading tests have practically required schools and teachers to forsake the patient, long-term investment in knowledge and vocabulary that builds strong readers, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.”

Robert Pondiscio

“Human beings are more resilient than we’d earlier thought. Many people bounce back from hard knocks and experience surges of post-traumatic growth.”

David Brooks