Jayed Cuisine

By: Alicia and Haley

Cultural Theme

Arabic food has a wide variety and the people have an interesting culture. We want to target our restaurant towards people looking to expand their food tastes. We would like to expand our audiences experience by allowing people to encounter things they haven't before. We want to serve to everyone and make it a family environment. We will decorate the building in bright colors and different colored lights. Our menu will include different Arabic dishes that have a wide variety.


Lebanon is the oldest nation/country name in the world, existing for nearly 4,000 years

Tahini is a sesame paste made from the ground seeds, and though it may not sound familiar, you’ll recognize it as the sauce of hummus!

The national currency of Lebanon is the Lebanese Pound.

Business Plan

What will be your product or service?
we will provide food service at our

How do you intend to produce this product or service?
we will hire people with this experience to produce the product

Why are you thinking of starting this company?
we want to expand people's culture and open them up to new foods and experiences

Where would you locate your company?
we would locate it in Dallas

When would you expect to open?
in at least 1 year

Who are your potential customers?
families looking for somewhere to eat out

Brief description
The restaurant will be middle eastern themed. We will have waiters who will serve the costumers and will hire chefs to prepare the food. We will offer a menu of different cultural middle eastern foods.
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