Simon Birch Project

By: Cody Skluzacek

Simon's character

Simon is a round character.

Simon is a disabled kid that has a small heart.

The doctor states, "Simon has a small heart and will not survive through the night"(Simon Birch).

This means that Simon is disabled and can't do the things others can do. He can't run as fast as Joe. He can't work to hard or his heart will not be able to keep up.

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Big events (Simon Birch).

1. I was at the plate and I usually don't swing the bat, but this time coach told me to swing away. So I waited to swing and then pitch 3 came in and I swung the bat and I connected with the ball and it flew at as it was on its way down it hit Joe's mom in the head. She had died.

2. We were wondering the halls of the school. We were looking for Mr. Baker's office. We found it and broke into the room. Joe had broke into the cabinet and a whole bunch of dodge balls fell on him then the baseball rolled forward to the front of the cabinet and Joe went crazy. The janitor called the cops.

3. I was lying down in the cradle. The teacher was raising the kid playing the angle. He is afraid of heights. I was to focused on Marjorie's boobs. She asked me if anything was wrong and I just lost it and yelled "boobs". I grabbed her and pulled her close and the play went wild. It was the best feeling in my life.

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Theme of Simon Birch!

Theme: God has a plan for everyone.

Simon states, "Reverend, do you think god has a plan for us?" Reverend states, " I think god has plan for all of us, but only god knows what it is"(Simon Birch).

The reverend has told Simon that he has a plan for everyone. This is telling the reader that the church reverend thinks that god has a plan for us. Simon found his plan was to help Joe find his real father and he had died on the way back from camp where Joe found out that his real father was the reverend. Simon died in the Hospital he was helping kids get out of the bus that was going underwater and he passed out and awoke in the hospital. Joe was that last person Simon talked to. That was god's plan for Simon.

Baseball kills woman (Simon Birch)