Grendel and Beowulf

The Truth About What Happened

Grendel Continuously Murders Men in Herot

Last week morning, 30 men were found dead in Herot, Hrothgar's hall. It seems that the monster Grendel had snuck in late at night after the men went to sleep and slaughtered them. The killings have not stopped since that day, and almost everyone in Herot except for Hrothgar have been killed.

Beowulf Defeats Grendel?!

Beowulf, Higlac's follower who is said to be the strongest of the Geats, heard of how Grendel slaughtered men day after day and came to Herot to defeat Grendel. Last night, Beowulf and his men stayed in Herot, waiting for Grendel. When the monster came, he grabbed ahold of Beowulf, but was instantly seized himself. The killer's claws were caught, and he writhed, fighting to escape. Finally, Beowulf tore Grendel's arm off, putting an end to their battle.


Murdered by Grendel:

Abby, Cromwell

Abbot, Buckley

Abrahamson, Fenwick

Ackerman, Hagley

Aiken, Hargreave

Ainsworth, Kinsey

Allard, Lancelot

Backus, Kingston

Baldwin, Heathcote


Comic Corner

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