-The West-

By: Cypress Guinn

Location and Place

  • States in the Region:

Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii.

  • Places People would like to Visit:

Hawaii, California, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, Zion.


  • Landforms:

The Rocky Mountains- Extending from N.Mex. to NW Alaska.

Mojave Desert-The temperature there is warm throughout the year, although there is wide variation from day to night.

Half Dome- A rock formation that is 5,000 feet tall.


  • The Pacific Ocean supports the fishing industry.
  • The west is known for its supply of mineral resources including oil, coal, led, silver, gold, and copper.
  • Many of the minerals are found in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Many of the wood projects we use come from the West including lumber, card board, paper, and books.

The most important vegetable crops grown in the state of California are lettuce and tomatoes. Broccoli and carrots rank second. The dry regions support livestock like cattle. Washington is famous for apples and Idaho is famous for potatoes.

Historical Perspective

The West has several mountains, allowing the people that live there to go on beautiful hikes. The mild climate in California is good for outdoor activities year round.

Many people are drawn to the West because of the beauty and comfortable climate, therefore the population is increasing.

Major settlement of the West developed in the 1840's.

The Oregon trail was developed in the early 1800's and allowed people to travel West. The California gold rush which began in 1848 attracted thousands of people from all over the world.


The Colorado river is a major source of water in the West , transporting water all the way to California. The Pacific fishing industry allows the Western region to trade with Japan and Asia by ship.

Because of its location many people have immigrated and increased population, especially in California.