Lord of the Flies project

By, Max Kubas

Jack's Tribe (Dictatorship)

The type of government represented by Jack's tribe is a dictatorship. By definition a dictatorship is a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator. (Dictionary.com) The dictator is a person or ruler in a dictatorship that abuses his power and in most cases treats his/her citizens poorly. The ruler keeps his/her power by creating fear upon its citizens. Famous dictatorships in history were Hitler Germany and the soviet union under Joe Stalin. From the book Lord of the Flies, "He's going to beat Wilfred, i don't know what for, he got mad and made us tie Wilfred up." (Golding, William) This shows Jack's tribe as a dictatorship by him using his power to abuse his citizens for unknown reasons. This is the clear cut clue that he is a dictator in his tribe which is a dictatorship.

Ralph's Tribe (Democracy)

The type of government represented by Ralph's tribe is a Democracy. By definition a democracy is a government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. (Dictionary.com) Democracy's in most cases have the happiest citizens because they are actually involved in their society. The citizens are apart of what the government does and it is very equalized. The rulers in Democracies are much nicer to its people vs. rulers in dictatorships. Famous Democracies in today's society are the United States and the United Kingdom. From the book Lord of the Flies, "Every hand outside the choir except Piggy's was raised immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air. Ralph counted. I'm chief then." (Golding, William) This shows Ralph's tribe as a democracy because the people are involved and voting who they want their leader to be. This shows a big part of a democracy and proves Ralph's tribe is a democracy.

My Island Society

I would choose a Democratic Republic society. A Democratic Republic is a form of government embodying democratic principles and where a monarch is not the head of state. (Dictionary.com) I would choose Democratic Republic society because with a group of elected officials chances of people rising up are low due to their being more then one person to overthrow. There would be one head offical and then branching off of him would be two seperate pairs of officials to keep the head official in check. The citicens would hear the head officials ideas and he/she would hear the citicens ideas and then a vote between the citicens would take place. Another plus to a republic is the citizens of it are happy because they have a say in what the officials do. This would also keep an uprising down. Another big plus of this society is everybody is happy and when people are happy they are willing to work hard, therefore the society would thrive.

My rules would be:

  1. No killing
  2. No stealing
  3. No alcohol or drugs for recreational use
  4. Schooling up to 18 is required
  5. Everybody will learn how to hunt
  6. Everybody is equal as far as government vs. citizens go
  7. Dusk curfew for everybody
  8. Two child limit per family
  9. Every citizen must work at least 8 hours per day
  10. Any law broken will be dealt with by vote amongst all citizens

I would create a law enforcement to enforce these laws. These people will be volunteer and work in 2 groups, a night group, and morning group. These groups will alternate each week. Morning people one week will be the night group the next week and visa versa. In my mind law enforcement is a necessity as in 2013 the FBI in the United States in just one township had over 2000 crimes. (FBI) Without a law enforcement none of these crimes would have been taken care of and probably would have had many more then 2000. That is my own island society.

North vs. South Korea

A real life historical example of a country affected by in-fighting is North and South Korea. They underwent a civil war against each other once North Korea sent 75,000 Troops into South Korea. (Korean War) They were fighting over the boundary at the 38th parallel. Each side was backed by another country as North Korea was backed by the Soviet Union and South Korea was backed by the United States. (Korean War) It affected the population by splitting it into two separate countries at the 38th parallel. This war damaged the land because of fighting on the land. Trees were blown down by tanks. Plants and vegetation trampled by tanks. Some animals more then likely died in the crossfire as well. From History.com "Gen. Douglas MacArthur's desire to expand the Korean War conflicted with the nation's foreign policy, President Truman felt he had no alternative but to replace MacArther." (Korean War) This shows a parallel to Lord of the Flies because MacArther wanted to keep fighting and enjoyed the fighting just as Jack did. Jack was obsessed with hunting and fighting that he directly parallels to MacArther.
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Baltimore Maryland Conflict

A current political conflict between two opposing parties is happening in Baltimore, Maryland. The two opposing parties are citizens in Baltimore and the police forces. A black man was arrested in Baltimore and police brutality ended up killing him. This made the people of Baltimore mad and then they started to riot in the streets. The Stance by each side is The citizens want police to be more fair to black people and are sick of all the brutality that has been going on. The police stance are they are just trying to do their job and do it carefully so they don't end up getting killed themselves. The reasoning they are using is they don't know who they are arresting and are just being cautious. The reasoning of the citizens are that they aren't being aggressive back at the police force that they think its a racial thing they that are brutalizing. The approach of the rioters are to get enough people together and make a statement so that the U.S. government does something to stop the police brutality. Police just want rioting to stop as they have called in the National Guard to try to shut it down. (5 things to know after Baltimore riots) The strengths the citizens have are that many cases of police brutality have been happening recently, but their weaknesses are right now that they are damaging baltimore and that takes away people feeling bad for them. The strengths of the police are that the rioters are damaging baltimore, but their weaknesses are that a lot of cases of police brutality have been occuring. I personally believe that the citizens will win because of all the police brutality that has been going on. This incident is showing that the black community is now tired of it and are demanding change.

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