Taste Testing

Learn all about the fun we had picking the best food

Our Task

On Friday, November 15 we all gathered in the auxiliary gym, and we had a giant, taste test extravaganza! Why, you might ask? Supposedly th Marketing Research Department of a food company needed our help for a taste test. So, our group, Andraya, Tae, Hunter, and I decided it would be fun to test which brand of fruit punch mix tasted the best. The brands we used were Kool Aid, Hawaiian Punch, and Great Value.

Info About the Products: Kool Aid

As a requirement for the assignment, we were told to research the products. Kool Aid, apperarently was made in Hastings, Nebraska, and was extracted from a liquid called Fruit Smack, and then turned into a powder. It's mascot was a giant animated pitcher of Kool Aid whose slogan was "Oh Yeah!"

Info About the Product: Great Value

Great Value was the second product we tested. It's a genric brand that is owned by Walmart. They created Great Value products to compete with leading brands at a lower price. In our research, we actually found that Walmart sometimes pays other companies to use their products. Walmart/ Great Value's mission statement is "Save money, live better."

About the Product: Hawaiian Punch

Our third and final product that we tested was Hawaiian Punch. It was founded in Fullerton Callifornia in a converted garage where three guys were expierimenting to try to make a tropical ice cream syrup topping, but instead it was turned into a tropical fruit drink. Hawaiian Punch is owned by Dr. Pepper/ 7 Up inc.

Our Hypothesis

Before we were aloud to test our experiment, we had to create a hypothesis clearly stating which product would win the taste test and WHY. Our group stated, if given the choice between Kool Aid, Hawaiian Punch and Great Value the Kool Aid would be most preferred because it was the most popular brand, and that our group seemed to enjoy it the most.

The Experiment

For the actual experiment, we had to have a lot of things. First, we had fruit punch mix to make at least two gallons of each product. We also had to have water to make the fruit punch with. There were five pitchers that our team brought in; so there was at least one for each brand. Our team was also supplied some materials from Mr. Landers such as 80 dixie cups, dividers, and a spoon for mixing.

Also, we had to write a procedure, or steps to our experiment as followed.


1. Tape numbers 1,2, and 3 on table and set up dividers.

2. put cooresponding tray over numbers (see randomizer)

3. fill pitcther/s with corresponding brand of powder

4. mix correct amount of water with the correct powder

5. pour 20mL of each brand into 100 dixie cups, same temp.

6. put cups on cooresponding tray

7. line up cups according to randomizer

8. have consumer drink each cup of fruit punch

9. consumer records preference on iPad

10. team records consumer's preference on randomizer

11. repeat steps 6~10 as many times possible

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Based on the information that we collected, studied, and put into a graph, I reject my hypothesis. I believed that Kool Aid would be most preferred among the people who tested, but instead Hawaiian Punch was the most preferred. Though the Hawaiian Punch won, we later found out that we did not make the Kool Aid correctly, and we were supposed to add sugar. In the end, we could have also tried to be more efficient with our time, and get certain things set up ahead of time.


Graph made on Piktochart

Pictures taken by teachers of our school