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In my surroundings I know many people who are fed up with the nasty smell of cigarettes. Few days back, I met my childhood friend after a long period of time. He literally smelled like an ashtray and I did not know about this habit of him. Then he told me that he was a hard core smoker and it was really difficult for him to resist the cigarettes even for few continuous minutes. Being a user of e cigarettes, I suggested him to try E cigarettes but I felt that he was not interested in my cigarette gossip. To make him realize what he was up to, I explained to him about the smell lingering on his clothes and bad breath which was clear indication of his smoking habit and it was not a good sign at all. I told him my story that I was also a hard core smoker from my college days but e cigarette has changed my life completely.

He was thrilled to know my own story and asked many questions related to e cigarettes. I explained to him about the purchasing procedures and suggested him the best electronic cigarette brand V2 Cigs which I was using for long time. I also explained to him about the home delivery process of V2 Cigs with the help of which he could get his e cigarette on his doorstep only. He was surprised to know it and placed his order for V2 cigs Beginners kit. After few days, I got a call from him. He told me that he got his order of V2 cigs Beginners kit and he was sounding happy and satisfied with that kit. He thanked me.

His words rang in my ears for days. My friend told me that he has so proud of himself as he have quit cigarette four 5 days. For a hard core smoker, it is really a wonderful experience. I am a satisfied and happy customer of this brand and now with my efforts I convert one of my smoker friends into a vapers. As per my experience with e cigarette, I found V2 cigs as the best electronic cigarette brand that allow me to change my smoking addiction completely and easily. Those people who are looking for the best alternative to tobacco, e cigarette will be the best option for them.