Salmon's Week 7 Update

October 17-21st


Reading We will be reviewing the reading skills and grammar previously covered this quarter. I appreciate all the parents that are having their kids read nightly and when I do send home work they are following up with it. This year the kids are doing a great job to turn in work on time.

Science: We will be doing our first "Mystery Science" activity on Monday. This reinforces the human body unit of the Skeletal and Muscle Systems. A few key words to review at home:


3 Types of muscles: smooth, skeletal, cardiac

Which one's are involuntary and voluntary


Social Studies: We will be working on our Southeast Region and the state booklets.

Agenda Signing

A huge thanks for signing those agendas nightly. I know it seems unnecessary, but the students need to see that we have a way of contacting each other if needed. If you ever need to let me know about something quick (ie. transportation, afterschool, etc) just write it in there. I usually see it at the end of the day, unless a kiddo shows it to me sooner.

Halloween, Monday, October 31st

Mr Johnston has asked that no costumes be worn to school on the day of Halloween. This is for the safety and consideration of all our students. We will be watching the Great Pumpkin in class as a treat, but we will not be serving any food.

Important Dates

November 19th: Mrs. Salmon out PM only

November 20-21st: PIR Days - no school for students

November 4th: Early Release

November 15th and 17th: Parent Teacher Conferences

November 23rd-25th: Thanksgiving Break - no school for students

December 7th: Early Release