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September 15, 2021

News from Lakeridge Middle School

Principal's Message

Check out this short video message from Dr. Schultz and remember to mark your calendar for our new Back to School Night Date: October 11th.

Principal's Message 9.15.21

iReady Assessments

Our Fall iReady diagnostic assessment will take place during the last two weeks of September with make-ups and extra time during the first week of October. Similar to last year, students will be testing in the areas of math and reading. As a reminder, the goal of i-Ready is to help us determine your child’s strengths and areas for growth, personalize their learning, and monitor their progress throughout the school year. i-Ready also provides data to inform and tailor instruction. This is the first of three i-Ready assessments for this school year, and results will be sent home after they are processed.

Students who receive accommodations via a 504 or IEP will receive additional communication from their learning specialist and/or counselor. All of the accessibility tools are outlined in detail on this document.

The purpose of the i-Ready assessment is not to give your child a score or grade but to determine how to best support their learning. We appreciate your partnership in supporting and encouraging your student(s) to do their best.

Please contact Amy Hattendorf, Assistant Principal, at 503-534-2343 if you have any questions.

Attendance Reminders

All students are expected to be present at the beginning of each class period. If students are absent, we will notify parents/guardians by robocall.

If your child(ren) will NOT be in class or tardy for one of the following reasons:

  • Illness
  • Appointment
  • Family Emergency
  • Planned Absence

Please call (503-534-2343 option 1) or email ( to let us know.

Early Student Pickup-

Please call or email the morning of and let us know in advance that your student needs to be picked up early. This allows ample time to locate students, make a pass ready and deliver with the least interruptions.

Homework Requests: Students are responsible to check StudentVUE on Synergy, Google Classrooms, or email a teacher directly to obtain homework for missed instruction time.

Planned Absences (for one or more days): At Lakeridge Middle School, we value student attendance and achievement. We appreciate your honest communication about your child's attendance and understand that sometimes it is unavoidable for students to miss school. Please notify the office when your student will be missing one or more days of school. Click here to notify LMS of a planned absence. Students should communicate with teachers.

High School Football Game Behavior Expectations

Many middle schoolers like to attend Lakeridge High School's home football games. Attendance at these events is governed by school rules and violations of school rules may result in consequences here at school. Please reinforce with your child the following expectations when you're headed to the game together:

Students who attend games need to...

  • wear a mask
  • be accompanied by an adult
  • follow the expectations of the hosting high school

If these expectations are not met..

  • warning
  • call the students parents/guardians (who should be on site) and remind them of the expectations
  • if expectations cannot be met, student will need to leave the game

Parking Lot and Commute Safety

We're headed into the rainy and darker part of the school year which makes our attention to safety on the way to and from school even more important. Put that cell phone away. Clip that helmet on. Look both ways. Be patient with the car in front of yours. Watch out for pedestrians! Slow down.

We also anticipate that LOPD will be in the neighborhood in the days ahead making sure our traffic is moving safely. Be aware of all that's going on around you as you travel to and from school each day.

Student Cell Phones

We're reminding students about a variety of school expectations including lunch time behavior, bathroom etiquette, and cell phone expectations during advisory on Thursday. If you missed the section on student cell phones in our family handbook, you should know that our school rule is that cell phones should be "off and away" during the school day. In the first days of school, we have been lenient about this guideline because students were using their phones to access their schedules. Now that more kids are up to speed on their schedules and back in the groove with their chrome books, it's time to stow those cell phones while here at school. Need to call or text a parent? Get permission to visit the office and use your phone there! This allows us to help problem solve and support students too.

Student Clubs

We're launching our student-run clubs for the year soon. Not sure if there will be the right club for you? Start one! Here's the form:

Yearbooks, Activities, and More

We do not charge class fees for any student. LOSD provides all materials students needs to participate in their classes. In future editions of newsflash, we'll share details about how to purchase a yearbook, and other school items like school spirit wear, PE uniforms, and more. All these items will be available for purchase at our Back to School Night on October 11th as well. In the meantime, if you'd like to participate in our Parent Teacher Organization's effort to enrich our academic and co-curricular experiences here at LMS, you can make a donation to PTO here:

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Academic Enrichment Fund

For the 2021-22 school year, we are asking for $150 per family to fund the Lakeridge Middle School Academic Enrichment Fund, which is managed by the LMS PTO. Donations to the PTO are 100% tax deductible and often eligible for corporate match. Check with your employer! Invest in our students today!

Show your support now!

Student Store

Hey parents and students! Are you interested in volunteering at the new Spirit Store? Well here is your chance! Sign up now & check availability!

District Information

Fee Waivers

Requests for resident fee waivers or fee reductions, except for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), will be processed using the attached form. Please complete the form and submit it to the department or school which collects the applicable fee or fees.

Food Service Information


This school year (21-22) the Lake Oswego School District will be offering breakfast and lunch meals* at no charge to all students. Breakfast meals will be served in Grab-n-go style as students arrive to school. Our lunch meals will offer healthy tasty entrees, fresh fruits and vegetables with a seasonal rotation of local farm produce and organic products when available.

*one breakfast and one lunch per student per day

For information about Food Services, please visit our web page.

For information about part-time job opportunities in Food Services, please visit the employment web page:

Routine and Repeated Reminders

Daily Announcements

Want to read what kids hear during the announcements each day? They're available here.

Want to see what's scrolling on our electronic signage right now? You can see it live here.

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