Waterbed Mattresses in Florida

Waterbeds in Florida

So we’ve been out of the seventies for about 40 years now, why would I want to sleep on a waterbed? With all the new fangled foams out there, and air beds to boot, what’s so special about sleeping on water? Here’s some fun facts about waterbeds to ponder:

· Waterbeds were invented for medical reasons. Burn patients, as well as patients with bed sores are more comfortable on water. Why? Because there is much less pressure on the body and skin than a regular coil mattress.

· Waterbeds are naturally orthopedic, putting your body in it’s most natural position.

· Waterbeds are heated. This acts as a muscle relaxer – just like a heating pad, but on your whole body!

· No dust mites, bed bugs, or other allergens. Worried about mold or mildew? You can clean the mattress with a cloth, to sanitize the surface!

· No sags, dips, or humps in the middle. Your waterbed will last FAR longer than any other type of mattress!

· You can tailor the feel to what you want: no guessing what feel you’ll want in a few years in a few minutes at a mattress store!

· The newest thing in dairy farming is waterbeds for cows! Better pressure relief combined with a cleaner surface equals healthier and happier cows, producing more and better milk. If it works for them, why not you?

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They have all types of (non-bovine) waterbeds for you to select from. These mattresses having 7 layer mid-body support system which provides exceptional comfort and support. Never worry about leaking again with 22 mil vinyl, L-seam construction with recessed black bottom, hook and eyelet tethered support system, and 2" double reinforced corners. Visit this website for more information. They also have representatives available to help you choose which one would be best for you. So when you’re looking for waterbeds Tampa, look no further than Dr Snooze!

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