Find out what is going on in Tangerine!

What's News?

  • muck fires sending new residents into panic
  • new star Quarterback Erik Fisher?
  • Mike Costello's Death
  • Sinkhole at the middle school
  • lightning strikes in the same place
  • rains every day at the same time
  • Parents meeting at the Fisher's house about football times
  • Handicapped kids can't play sports
  • Osprey birds eating the expensive koi in lake Windsor
  • the carnival is in town

Erik Fischer Football Dream Update: Erik Fisher .vs. Paul Fisher *-*

Paul Fischer and Erik Fisher have many differences, even though they are brothers. Everyone around them is caught up in the "Erik Fisher Football Dream" except for Paul. Paul believes that Erik is bad and is out to get him only because he knows the truth about Erik. Paul is not very popular at school and is repeatedly bullied by his brother and his friends. Also, Paul recently got kicked of the soccer team for being visually impaired. Meanwhile, Erik Fisher is doing the most he can to get to the top league for football no matter what it is. Erik is popular at school and on the football team and most always gets what he wants. While Paul sees a side of Erik that is hidden, everybody else sees a nice, talented, football player.

Tragedy Strikes *0*

On September 5, Mike Costello was struck by lightning and killed on the spot. Mike Costello was the person who holds the ball for Erik Fisher the Placekicker. On the day of his death he was leaning on the goalpost when the lightning killed him. Mike was killed before he could start football season on the Lake Windsor football team.

MOYA Close-Up

Bullying, Stress, Anxiety, are only three of the issues happening to Paul. Bullying is when his brother, and his brothers friends make fun of Paul, causing him to feel bad about himself. Stress is when he had to save all of the kids in the sinkhole. Anxiety is when he is almost kicked of the soccer team because he has a IEP for a seeing disability.

Lake Windsor Carnival

Tuesday, Feb. 9th 2016 at 6-10pm

Lake Windsor, Tangarine County, Florida

Come join us at the first ever Lake Windsor Carnival! To come and enjoy the rides you will need:

  • A ticket per person
  • a parent signed permission slip
  • money for games and food

Hope to see you there!!