Reasons to support GMO

Fresh Longer

GMO's have a longer shelf life which can allow families to preserve food which they bought when they had avaible money. In general, the food wont spoil as fast adn therefore not as much food will go to waste.

Nutritional Benefits

GMO's have been made to have a higher nutritional contentent such as the high starch potatoes. Also, some devleoped crops such as golden rice have been made to stimulate the body to produce vitamin A.

Keeps Low Prices of Food and Is Better for the Environment?

With the development of pest resistne plants, farmers can avoid losing their crops and thereofre prevent prices from soring at local food markets. Furthermore, when plants are resistent to pests, farmers do not have to use aas much pesticide and therefore less chemicals pollute groundwater.

Grows In More Places

When GMOP plants are made to be tougher, they can grow in much more unfavorabke coindiutions than natural plants and therefore, more people can have access to the fresh products and be fed by them or sell them to make a profit.