Snowboard catapult

Big freestyle airbag

Freestyle airbag for mountain bike tricks

The airbag has 2 separate top chambers and two separate bottom chambers that which can individually be pressurized. The testing program of this new class of Airbags will run until the end of October this year. revolution in the world of freestyle airbags
The “little brother” will be 18 meters long and will be able to shoot riders away up to a speed of 40 km/h. Although the new catapult is more than 10 meters shorter compared to the bug guy, the end speed is not dropping in the same way.
The big airbag is 20 meters long and 15 meter wide. The landing area of the airbag is 3,5 thick and has an operational length of 12 meters. And operational length of 12 meters means that the riders can choose their landing spot over a distance of 12 meters.
The top cover is made of a very solid fabric specially designed for AirBock for this purpose. The side areas of the freestyle bag have special chambers which are inflated at a slightly higher pressure compared to the center part of the AirBag, this makes the bag safer to use and easier to get out with your bike.