WMS Weekly Mission

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Intruder Drill Expectations

We have an intruder drill on Thursday during 4th hour. Make sure you have read over the emergency procedures sheet that should be located next to your door. During intruder "drills", you will need to listen for directions. We will call for "code red" followed by instructions. Typically, on drill situations we will instruct you to lock your door and continue teaching. The office staff will walk the building to make sure the instructions where followed. Once the drill is over, the office will make an announcement.

If it was the real thing, we would only say "code red" and you would do everything on the emergency procedures sheet (i.e. - door locked, shades pulled, out of sight, etc). As we discussed last year, you should also put furniture in front of the door in real lock down situations unless directed otherwise.

Weekly Events

Monday, September 7th
  • No school

Tuesday, September 8th
  • Expert Day for school themed eTime classes
  • iTime students are carry over from last Thursday
  • Tutoring after school in the library

Wednesday, September 9th
  • OHHS Club meeting after school in Mrs. Loveland's room

Thursday, September 10th
  • Picture Day - Pictures will be taken in the student union. Teachers need to take their picture from 7:00 - 7:30. Students will be called by team to take their picture. No form is necessary.
  • Intruder Drill 4th Hour
  • Tutoring after school in the library
  • Drama Club meeting after school in the BBT

Friday, September 11th
  • Peer Ambassador meeting @ 7:00 am Room #223
  • End of Progress 1 - be watching for more information this week
  • Fall Assembly during 8th Hour. Students will go to advisory after 7th hour and be dismissed by the intercom to the upper gym (please wait until your team is called).