Roman Citizneship, Law and Justice

By: Radia Omer

Citizenship of free Roman citizens

• have the right to vote

• can run for governmnet

• they can have property

• they are allowed to make written contracts with other people

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Men: have all of the rights and can vote

Women: have most of the rights but are not allowed to vote

Freedmen: someone who used to be a slave and have few rights

Slaves: do not have any rights

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Important laws of Rome

• being married or marriage

• inheritance or what a family member leaves after they die

• written contracts between people

• the laws that are written on the 12 tables

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Roman justice

•Life, liberty and the pursit of happiness ( should have rights)

•If you go to court, the judge will decide what will happen

• Religion is important

• you have to born from people who are in the hierarchy to be a free roman citizen

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• you will be beaten

• you will be killed

• your father will be killed

• pay money

• you cannot stay in Rome anymore

• You will become a slave and do lots of hard work

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I think that the Roman jsutice and citizenship might have caused the fall of Rome becuase Rome did not treat everyone the same and that might have made the poeole mad.
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Compare and contrast (now, U.S. Citizenship, justice and laws)


•You have all of the rights but, you have to be 18 to vote and 16 to drive.

•To be a U.S. Citizen, you have to be born there, but if you are from somewhere else, you need a passport to come here and be a U.S.. Citizen.

• All americans have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

• you have to pay on time for everything you buy or is loaned.


•To be a citizen, you have to be born there or to parents who moved or were born there

• The punishment fits the crime

• They both had taxes and have to pay for what ever they buy unless its free.


• Not everyone has the same rights except the men, they have all of the rights

• To be a free roman citizen, you have to be born from other people who were born in rome too.

• If you commit a big crime, you will either be executed, beaten, banned from the Roman empire or have your father be killed. But if you make a small crime, you will have to pay a fine or become a slave.

•Not everyone can have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness(slaves),