The Auschwitz Camps

The 3 Most Deadly Camps Ever Made

Auschwitz and what happened in each of them.

Many if not everyone knows about Auschwitz and the many other concentration camps that the germans made to kill the jews,gays,etc. But what most don’t know is that there were actually three different auschwitz camps, auschwitz one,auschwitz two (the most well known), and auschwitz three. now these camps caused most if not all of the deaths in jews,gays etc in world war two. Auschwitz two had four gas chambers being used killing six thousand people everyday. All of the auschwitz camps were located in poland. The conditions were horrible in all of these and the people in them were basically starved ,if not literally starved, by the poor condition of the food. But that's just the beginning of what happened in those death camps.

Auschwitz 1

auschwitz one.auschwitz one was probably one of the most tame of all of the auschwitz camps Similar to most concentration camps auschwitz one was made to serve three purposes.

To imprison real and perceived enemies of the nazi party.To provide forced laborers for SS- construction companies.And to serve as a site of the death of small targeted groups of the population whose death was determined to be for the safety of Nazi Germany. Like.Like some concentration camps auschwitz one had a gas chamber and a crematorium. the gas chamber was originally put in the basement of the prison block. another one was later constructed in the original crematorium in a building outside the prison compound.In auschwitz one SS physicians carried out medical experiments in the hospital they conducted scientific experiments on infants,twins, dwarfs and forced sterilizations and castrations on adults. the best known of the physicians is Dr. Joseph Mengele.

but this isn’t even the worst that has happened in the three of these death camps.

Auschwitz 2

auschwitz two.

auschwitz two was the most brutal of all of the auschwitz camps.They had four gas chambers being used every day killing six thousand people everyday,most of them being Jews and gays.These gas chambers were destroyed after a carefully planned prisoner revolt. the prisoners had Jewish girls that worked in the armory smuggle in sticky bombs. They then overran the guards and destroyed the gas chambers. Most of the prisoners involved with the revolt were killed on site but the girls were hung publicly.

Auschwitz 3

but there's still one more camp to talk Auschwitz three. it wasn’t as bad as the first two.At auchwitz three the prisoners were forced to work in a nerby rubber factory with no pay everyday. they also had to walk to the factory ,most bare footed, in the freezing cold and snow. they were later transported by rail.The conditions there were horrible. and the place was located on the outskirts of a small town.They also had a “labor education camp” for non jewish prisoners who were thought to have violated german discipline. And that's what happened in auschwitz three it may not have been as bad and tortures as the first two but it was still pretty bad and probably scared most of the people that were in it for the rest of their lives.