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May: May the Force Be With You Through Testing & More!

Many seasons are starting to wind down as planning for summer winds up. Keep us posted on your exciting summer plans and more! This is the last call for students to apply to be a VTO this month. Also, sign up for our teacher PD on August 2-3rd in Richmond, VA if you are free. It will be a great place to share what else you would like to see from Virginia Thespians throughout the year too!

We would also love to share out about your productions on our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @vathespians so we can follow you back/keep track of your happenings. You may see your school or show featured soon. Use #vathespians for us to easily find your post!

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MORE VTF 2022 Highlights

Teacher Tool of the Month: Nat'l Theatre Standards & EdTA Lesson Library

Are you familiar with the National Theatre Standards? Read more about them here! The EdTA teacher toolbox is also a wealth of knowledge to explore. Thanks for being a member and happy teaching & exploring! Here are a few other highlights from their Lesson Library. Middle School Dramaturgy & High School DIY Hip Hop Writing for Musical Theatre.
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Virginia Thespians Alumni Group

Did you hear we have a Virginia Thespians Alumni Facebook group? Consider passing this along to your graduating seniors. So far, is it an inspiring network of nearly 200 professionals who can be valuable resources for your students beyond high school. These are previous Thespians who remember what it is like to be in their shoes and many of which are happy to serve as mentors. We are hosting a virtual Happy Hour Zoom conversation on Thursday May 19th at 8 pm EST that they can join to find out what we are all about. We are creating an alumni board to also fundraise resources for students going to festival, bring in more alumni guest artists, and more! If you are an alumni, consider joining it yourself! Below is the picture of the official start of the alumni network group from festival when two students were awarded $500 scholarships each, chosen by the alumni committee. We have many more plans in store for the alumni to partner with us to support the current as well as future generations of Virginia Thespians!
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Virginia Theatre Arts Standards

Have you discovered these lovely standards charts yet? The newly adopted 2020 standards are included in these Theatre Arts as well as Technical Theatre charts and have spiraled charts for the standards. These are great as a checklist and planning resource for those looking to next year and re-vamping, adding, tweaking, developing, etc. units. What else would you like more resources about for next year? Let us know!
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Jameela Jamil x I Weigh Scholarship

DUE MAY 18th!

Your student, could be awarded $5,000! Find out more information here!

"You have a story that deserves to be told and a voice that needs to be heard. We want to hear you, and we want to help you be heard by the world!

I Weigh is all about radical inclusivity and allyship, creating a community where no one feels alone. Our mission is to amplify, advocate, and pass the mic, while inspiring everyone around us to continue learning and growing as individuals, which in turn will result in growth collectively as a society.

As part of our mission to amplify new voices, we’re so excited to launch a scholarship, and at least three students will be awarded $5,000 each for their education!" (Essay as part of the application.)


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How to Find out More...?

Check our social media accounts for EdTA, our parent organization or for VA Thespians for recent reminders and updates. Get more resources, learn more about International Thespian Society, and more! The remaining information below is a friendly reminder from previous newsletters.

Attending ITF

If you are planning to attend ITF, we suggest you register by the end of this month! See the image below for key dates/ deadlines. Here is the website for more information!

Cannot attend in person? There is a virtual option! Check it out!

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Spring Inductions Checklist

Here is an easy step-by-step checklist for spring inductions. Use these materials as you see fit!

1. Hold an interest meeting. Ask- Who is interested in becoming inducted into ITS?

2. Share out the point application for students to complete with their past and current theatrical experiences for certain point values.

3. Have students fill out the Member Google form, for the exact information you need to collect to put them into the official ITS/ EdTA system, and pay $35 for the one-time membership fee, which lasts them a lifetime. (More materials at the bottom of the newsletter to promote and explain ITS.)

4. Hold inductions. Here is a sample outline to use. You can create your own rituals, traditions, or if you are in a pinch, it can be less than 30 minutes before school starts or before a rehearsal for example.

5. Log into your myedta account to input all of your new inductees.

6. Pay the lump some as the director, if your students didn't pay EdTA directly. Our suggestion is to collect the money as you typically do for school events, work with your bookkeeper or boosters to cut one check to EdTA to keep it simple.

7. Hold an end of year or semester celebration to hand out the new goodies when they are delivered to the school!

Don't have a troupe yet? Read more about the benefits and process here!

Join us for Virginia Thespian Teacher PD This summer!

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Festival 2023!

Our next festival will be Jan 13-15th, 2023 at Shenandoah University again! Mark your calendars now and we hope you join us then! Registration will be open September- November. Our working theme is Thespians are Out of This World and getting finalized by our current as well as hopefully new incoming student leaders. We want to bring the energy, show the importance of the arts, and make our next festival the best one yet! Stay tuned for more information coming soon! Check out the link below and remind your students to apply for a VTO position by May! Be the first to watch our YouTube Thespian Festival 22 Highlights thanks to our festival photographer/videographer & Virginia Thespian Alumni, Destiny Martinez!

Need information to share about Thespians or VTF?

Here is a Google Slides PPT about Thespians to encourage students to join.

Here is a Festival Guide for students or new troupe directors.