Romeo & Juliet

The Romantic, Tragedy of the star crossed lovers.

Why the Friar is responsible.

There are many reasons why Romeo & Juliet are deceased, but the Friar had the biggest part of it all.

The Friar was the one of the few people other than R & J that new they were married, after all he married them in secret in an attempt to bring the two families together and end the fued.

(Act:3 Scene:2-4 )

In the text Friar Laurence marries the two in secret early in the morning. This leads to the two’s longing to be together after being separated, when Romeo kills Tybalt due to the death of Mercutio.

When Romeo was banished to Mantua, Juliet got the Friars “help”,when he gave her a potion to make it seem as if she were dead. She took and it was successful in tricking her family, but when the Friar sent an unreliable messenger to deliver the message,Romeo received the wrong message from his servant Balthasar telling him that Juliet was in fact dead.

(Act: 4 Scene: 5 )


Inside Out- Sadness just wants to be like the other feelings and help, but just ends up screwing with Riley's emotions and ruining her life for a short period of time.

Who do you think is the reason the two are dead?

Romeo and Juliet

Song related to the friar

Meg Myers' Monster.

"What have I done I'm a f****** monster, when I'll I wanted was something beautiful.

He's asking himself what he's done ( killed Romeo and Juliet )and calling himself a monster for wanting piece between the families.