Beth's New Number

and Some Sub Proceedure Reminders


Over the break, I noticed that my phone was not receiving the texts of several people who were trying to get a hold of me. As this CANNOT be happening, I promptly went and got a new phone/new plan.

MY NEW NUMBER IS 626-421-9188. Please text me your names, so that I know you've taken down the correct number, and change your contact information for me as soon as possible, as I will be shutting down my old phone in the next couple weeks.


-Please be sure to fill out absence request forms and get them to me as soon as possible. Even if it is only for half a day, or technically not an absence (For instance, if you are going on a field trip.) I need to know when you need coverage.

-Above all, when you notify me of an absence, if I do not text or message you back, it means I have not received the message. If you do not hear from me within about 30 minutes, try again. (A certain teacher can attest to the fact that I am more than happy to get back with you immediately--even from Disneyland. :) )

-Also, please know that, so long as it's before 10:30 at night, you are more than welcome to call me as well. You also now have the option to email me, as I traded my old decrepit phone in for a smart phone, and can now access email from my mobile device.