The Diary of A Young Girl

Anne Frank

Six Questions

  • Anne Frank was a 13 year old Jew that had to go into hiding with her family and the Van Daans and an old dentist named Dussel during World War ll.
  • World War ll was a very depressing period in Europe and even more depressing for Jews living in German speaking countries like the Franks and their friends.
  • The Franks and Van Daans went into hiding in early july 1942, and Dussel joined them in late November 1942, they stayed in their hiding spot until 1944 when their whereabouts were betrayed to the Gestapo.
  • Anne went into hiding in the "Secret Annexe" which was an old office building in Amsterdam.
  • The Franks had to go into hiding because in the early 40's the Gestapo would take Jews from their homes and put them in concentration camps because their leader Hitler believed that they were inferior.
  • Months before the Franks went into hiding Otto Frank (Anne's father) planned to have his family and another go into hidding in an old building. The Franks had Elli Voskuijl, Mr.Koophuis, and Mr.Kraler help them get food and needed supplies.


  • Gestapo- Were secret police in Germany that took Jews from their homes and sent them to concentration camps.
  • Concentration Camps- Camps that Jews were sent to and did hard labor they died.
  • Adolf Hitler- Was chancellor of Germany that hated Jews.
  • Secret Annexe- Where the Franks and their friends hid for 2 years.
  • World War ll- War that was started because Hitler was an idiot and decided to take over a bunch of countries in Europe.

Corbyn Welch