The Great Gatsby

By. F. Scott Fitzgerald


Imagine living next door to the biggest parties in New York City? That was Nick Carraway. Nick was a quiet guy from Minnesota who moved to New York in the summer of 1922. He lived in the west egg which was full of unfashionable newly rich people. Nick's Neighbor was Jay Gatsby who through the most elegant parties in the west egg.

Unlike most of the people who lived in the west egg, Nick was well educated and had connections in the east egg. As the summer progressed Nick eventually got invited to Gatsby's party. Through his lady friend that he was seeing at the time he learns that Mr. Gatsby is madly in love with Daisy, Nick's cousin. Nick's cousin Daisy Buchanan had a husband Tom Buchanan. Jay wanted Nick to set up a reunion with the two but was afraid Daisy was going to ignore the invited if she found out Jay was still in love with her. Nick sets it up for Jay and their love rekindles and the affair begins.

Not long after Tom catches Jay staring at Daisy with passion in his eyes. He knew something was going on between the two. Tom himself was having an affair but was upset that his wife was cheating.

From the first chapter i was drawn in. This is a great book. If your into romantic classics this is the book for you. This book is filled with drama, and romance

Review By: James Whitehead

Main Characters

Nick Carraway- The narrator and a main character.

Jay Gatsby- The man who lives next door to Nick and Throws elegant parties.

Tom Buchanan - Daisy's Husband.

Daisy Buchanan - Tom's wife, The love of Jay Gatsby.

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