David jacobs

You said it would be easy

He hadn't let it play on his mind, though, as there were more pressing problems bearing down on him. Maclean hadn’t yet returned and he knew that time was running out. He suspected that the islanders had decided to wait for daylight before mounting a full search. And when that did get under way it would not take jonathanen them long to locate the hideout. They had little choice but to sit and wait and pray that Maclean wouldn’t let them down. Neither Parker nor Hodge had slept.

Both sat with their backs to jonathanen the wall and their knees tucked up in front of them. The silence between them had been a strained one, taut with tension. The arrival of the mist had been welcome. Maybe it would make things difficult for the hunters for one thing and give Maclean an opportunity to find a way out. NINETEEN It was 9.30 a.m by Parker's watch when the first sounds reached them. He heard a sharp cry over to the left and then two shouts came from the right, seemingly in answer to the first.

Were there three of them? Or just two? He couldn't be sure. But they were working their way up the hill towards the ruins jonathanen for certain and at a guess they were about a hundred yards away. Another shout. This time from the right and nearer. Sixty yards? Not much further. They're spread out, Hodge whispered.

Parker nodded agreement. They'll be here in a few minutes. Got any bright ideas? Hodge caressed the shiny, black barrel of the shotgun. If they show their faces here, I know what I'll do. Don't be an idiot. You'll bring the lot of 'em up here.

We've got to get away from here. Not play at Custer's last stand. What jonathanen about Mac? If we go he won't find us. Well, if you want to stay that's your business. I'm going up to the top to look for a way down the other side. Okay, Hodge said, I'm with you.

Parker went back inside to pick up his shotgun. He paused for a moment in the middle of the roofless room and sniffed a couple of times. What is it? Hodge enquired impatiently. jonathanen Bloody fag smoke. The place reeks of it. So what? Well, for one thing, they'll realize we've only just left and for another they'll know which way we've gone.

Well, there's nothing you can do about it now unless you happen to have an air freshener handy? Outside they heard the voices again, clearer now, and Parker thought he saw a shadow move in the mist just below where they were jonathanen standing. Instinctively, he tugged at Hodge's arm. This way. They moved quickly but carefully so as not to make a sound.