November Private School Newsletter


Hello Private School Families,

October was so much fun. A lot of learning not just in academics but equally in Centre Stage. Can you believe the progression in your child's music, dance, and theater skills? You can view a lot of the moments on our Facebook Page. Are you following us on Facebook? If you are, you will see so much of their everyday fun! Please share our Facebook page with your family and friends and invite them to follow us in our amazing 2021-2022 journey.

Academics: We are nearing the end of our first quarter! Our classroom is diving into our science unit all about the Solar System. We have explored space from our classroom thanks to the resources provided by NASA! The students have learned space exploration, the role of astronauts, and even created their own space helicopter modeled after "Ingenuity" (the first controlled flight by an aircraft to Mars). We will learn about phases of the moon and facts about planets in our solar system.

Halloween was so much fun! Ms. Nirvanna and Ms. Gabby said they had the BEST time at our first-class party for Halloween! Everyone's costumes were just perfect and stood out so much. We did get a kick out of it when Jaxson showed up in a Dunkin Donut outfit and Ms. Gabby and Ms. Nirvanna were Starbucks Baristas. The students loved dressing up in their costumes and doing fall-themed arts and crafts with their friends. I must brag and say this academic team is so creative. The academic teachers are full speed and excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas time with the children. They are excited and looking forward to starting the social studies unit that will tie into the holidays! Report cards go home in November! We are so proud of everyone! Ms. Gabby and Ms. Nirvanna would like to thank all the parents for making the Friday show and tell so much fun. Without your support, it would not be as successful as it is. The students look forward to every Friday's show and tell and it really bonds us all together so much to learn more about each other. It's a special time.

Ms. Diane had so much fun with all of the students this past month in music. During piano class, they added some arrangements for Orff Instruments (Glockenspiels, Metallophones, Xylophones, and Wood Blocks) to our Piano Party program that the students are working on to perform for their families. Stay tuned to learn more about Piano Party in the upcoming months ahead. It's going to amaze you beyond belief! Ms. Diane and Mr. Kevin also enjoyed this past month's bible study with the students. They learned about Abraham and Sarah and the blessings of their child Isaac, The Tower Of Babel, and the story of how Jesus fed the five thousand. Did you see the Tower of Bable on our Facebook page? It was so cool! They have also been working hard with the children on their music and choreography for the upcoming production they will be in called, Raad Tidings. This is a musical story about Christmas being told by the animals. It's going to be an amazing performance!

On our Facebook page, we have shared a lot of moments with Mr. Edgar's class that I am sure will make you smile from ear to ear! This past month Mr. Edgars piano students have been working on music that will be used to perform at the Piano Party show for their families. Through the songs, we have been able to learn more about music theory, rhythm, and how to play as a group. Mr. Edgar always shares how every time he walks into the classroom, he can feel the student's sense of unity among each other. "The classroom feels, and is indeed, a place where our students feel comfortable to ask for help". Mr. Edgar absolutely enjoys the community that is being built at this school. "This is a community that cares about each other and one that pushes each other to grow. I am so proud of our students. They are not just great artists, they are great people because of the arts and the values we are teaching them."

Mr. Kevin has his hands in a lot of dynamics in our Centre Stage program. He said that one thing really stood out to him this past month with the students and that was in Bible class they are working on the dances so that the students can be part of Raad Tidings, our Christmas faith-based musical about the animals who were there for the birth of Messiah. He has loved working with the children on their choreography for this. Mr. Kevin also was part of learning about Abraham and he is excited to see the reactions as the story unfolds of Abraham's lineage to Jesus and the ultimate lead up into the new testament that we currently live in! We love his passion for the students and his faith. Mr. Kevin said that when he was working with Mr. Edgar in music class, he loved watching how excited the kids were about the boomwhackers. They were taking turns hitting different notes and working together, pitch by pitch, to create music as a team. Mr. Kevin is enjoying watching the kids put together our piano party that will be in December for their families. He is looking forward to the parents watching how much progress and fun we have had this semester! We are also excited to announce that Mr. Kevin will be getting married in December! He is very excited to take that step with his lovely bride and we are so excited for them!

Miss Crystal has been very busy in dance class this month. The kids have shown much more flexibility and strength than at the start of school. She is working on Stretching, conditioning, and technique with each student individually and as a classroom. They all know basic ballet terminology and learn more and more each week. We are about halfway done with our Christmas dance, "and they are looking so good" says Miss Crystal. Miss Crystal said they still have a lot of work to do so she is excited for November to have the time to practice and perfect.

Ms. Lyndsey has had a fun and active October as you can see on our Facebook page. We did get a kick out of the theater game where someone sits in the chair and everyone tries to make that person laugh while they stay in character. This simple game is such an important part of learning how to be a strong and successful actor and speaker. Ms. Lyndsey and the students wrote a Halloween skit. Each student wrote 2-3 lines for the skit. You can imagine how funny this would end up right? IT WAS! Ms. Lyndsey has a lot in November she will be working on with the students and looking forward to their growth every day. We want to wish Ms. Lyndsey congratulations on her five-year anniversary with her amazing partner. He took her on a fun airboat ride to celebrate and they had a wonderfully special day together! We love fun facts about our teachers and I know you do as well.

From Ms. Diane & the entire staff....We are so thankful and grateful for each one of you. You all inspire us in so many ways. We appreciate that you trust us with your children and truly give thanks to each one of you every day and on Thanksgiving!

Novembers Verse Of The Month

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School is open on November 11th, however we will honor and observe Veterans Day as a class!

School Is In Session On November 11th, however we will be honoring Veterans Day in school!

School Reminders

  • Sweatshirts will be handed out by the 2nd week of November
  • We do not allow Smartphones or smartwatches to be used or worn during school hours. If you would like to speak about this please contact Ms. Diane or Heather.
  • Please continue to follow our dress code policy for the Academic and Centre Stage programs.
  • November 19th Class Thanksgiving Feast during school.
  • November 19th, 5:45 pm-8:30 pm Dress Rehearsal for Raad Tidings. Mandatory Attendance.
  • November 20th Raad Tidings Performance 7 pm at the Movie Theater in our plaza.
  • Thanksgiving Break will be November 22nd-26th
  • Be Kind, Stay Positive & Work Hard!