Principal Update


Have A Great Weekend!


Thank you all for providing our students with an amazing learning atmosphere, filled with individualized academic responses, project based choices, and technologically "cool" opportunities. Although I have not been hanging out in classes for long periods, I AM seeing guided math and reading rotations with stellar "bucket" choices. I hear amazing discussions with purposeful use of specific vocabulary, both academic and character value oriented, all while pressing/pushing kids to improve. You are a talented team who continue to provide proof that our organization is "learning." We are beginning to take the chance out of our organization and in its place will see planned outcomes. Continue to fill your day with purposeful and meaningful instructional action and thank you all for the passion, energy, and commitment you bring to BSE each day!

NWEA Update

Thanks to Kussy, Smith, Murch, Porzuczek, and Anders for being patient, flexible, and positive throughout the first two days of assessments. Here is what we have discovered through trial and error. TAKE NOTE and be aware of these items when you are scheduled to test.

  • Students do NOT log into the computer, only to NWEA, using the code at the top of your test session. The codes that we have saved seem to be changing on their own, so don't worry if you save as KaminskiLA and it turns into something strange like beads897.
  • After your children start the test you might notice that students come up on your roster as awaiting approval. No worries, as long as they finish the test and push DONE, they will be saved and in the system.
  • I am learning about many strange problems that pop up and plan on being present at beginning and end of test periods for a long while. Be patient and calm in front of the kids as we always find a solution!
  • Your student data is available via the button below your manage test button and provides you with great information. Remember RIT scores are unique and we will learn about what they mean after we finish all students' assessments.

Half Day Professional Development September 13th, 2013 - AGENDA

1:00-1:15pm Insurance guests - Abe Lincoln Financial

1:15-1:40pm TEDx Talk, Seth Godin


Table talk

1:40-2:00pm HSE

Mr. Kaminski HSE Best Practices graphic

HSE Big Picture graphic

2:00-2:30pm A Structure for Inquiry

Miss Young Phase 1: Problem

Mrs. Patrick Phase 2: Seek solutions, What worked?

Mrs. Murch Phase 3: Share, Continue

2:30-2:45pm Break

2:45-3:15pm Speed teaching with iPad apps

3:15-3:45pm Blackboard guided practice + work time

3:45-4:00pm Evaluation Update

Future Staff Meetings: update

  • NO other September Staff Meetings, other than Sept. 13th half day PD at BSE.
  • NO other October Staff Meetings (cancelled October 16th) due to half day PD on October 4th at BSE.
  • November 20th, normal staff meeting, 7:50AM

Bb - Discussions Come to Life

Thanks to the many staff who have logged into the HSE21 discussion board in Bb. This open forum is filled with great conversation about learning and technology. If you have not posted, please log in and create a thread! It was pretty exciting to see our 4th grade students posting thoughts in their discussion board via Bb in the lab this week!

Congratulations to Ms. Freije's 2nd Grade Class - Polar Bear Sponsorship Secured!

Ms. Freije and Mrs. Patrick paired up to let the 2nd grade kids take a run at some good old fashioned open inquiry the past week. The students generated a problem, researched the problem, and came up with a probable solution to take action upon. In doing so the kids raised 52 dollars in less than 24 hours that will be used to officially sponsor a polar bear in need of habitat assistance. Awesome example of service learning/inquiry gone great!