How Effective is Our Legal System?

Does our legal system protect the innocent from the evil?

Our Legal System Involving Race.

If you watch the news you will see many reports of cops shooting and/or killing innocent people. You will soon come to realize that almost all of these people are Black. In today's society black people are still looked down upon as being poor or criminals. This reputation has caused them to become a target because of their skin color. In these cases, many of the "suspects" are not doing anything at all, but because they are black it is assumed that they are doing something wrong.

What really is "evil"?

Many people think of evil in the criminal world being physical acts such as; murder, rape, armed robbery, etc. Evil can be verbal as well. Derogatory terms can be evil in someones point of view. For example in the 60's African Americans have been called a deragatory word regardless if they are guilty or innocent. Lets say a black person is walking down the street and someone calls them a very racist word. Back then and sadly today the legal system would not protect against that.


Our legal system only protects against some evil. Some evil is ignored and most often unrecognized.