The Weekly Woomy

Issue 6 - The Last Smore

The Weekly Woomy's going to the docs!

As mentioned in Issue 4 of The Weekly Woomy, the newsletter would eventually have to be placed somewhere else, and so I asked you guys what you'd rather have it on, and it turns out that you guys would prefer it on Google Docs.

Because of this, the newsletter may not be as neat, however, I can make it as close to the smore layout as possible. The newsletter will also have more images, more fonts, etc.

So what would you like to see on the Google Docs versions of The Weekly Woomy? Tell us your opinion on the 5G Chat Space Page (on Google Classroom).


Friendship cannot as a whole term be described as one thing, because it has many interpretations, but they all are similes to define as a link to a friend.

A true friend will fight for you. A true friend will give you their upmost respect. A true friend will involve you in all sorts of adventures, whether it be a soccer game, or a gaming session. A true friend will encourage you to do your best. A true friend will never be the same without you and would never abandon you. A true friend would be there in your darkest hours.

That is that kind of friend that you must treasure.

Mastering Spl@oon - The Zink Mini Splatling

Yes, this is about that ink shooting game. Do you want some advice on weapons, strategies and more? Well, you're in the right place.

The Zink Mini Splatling is a version of the Mini Splatling that has a different sub weapon and a different special weapon. While this piece of advice will be similar to the advice on the Mini Splatling, the sub weapon and special weapon will change the view of role.

The Zink Mini Splatling is great for tower control, splat zones, turf wars and the rainmaker, and whichever mode that you’re playing, the Zink Mini Splatling gets the job done.

The Zink Mini Splatling and the Mini Splatling, unlike the other splatlings, have a quick charge time, a great amount of mobility and a decent range.. The range is not as far as the others and it shoots for a smaller amount of time, but its range is longer than an Aerospray MG or RG.

Now this beautifully efficient weapon only takes 0.30 seconds to charge its first level and 0.45 to charge the second level. This version of the Splatling that was designed by the Inkopolis sports brand Zink consists of a different sub and special: The Disruptor and the Bubbler.

This change of weapons makes this weapon more versatile in combat with the Disruptor and Bubbler, and will allow you to snatch some turf, minigun style.

However, would this be a weapon for attack or defence? Would its load-out be more suitable for covering turf or splatting enemies? Well, that will be answered now.

The Zink Mini Splatling has a base damage of 28, and it takes 100 damage to splat a player. Considering this weapon’s high fire rate and that it packs a punch, it would be a pretty good combat weapon, although the Zink Mini Splatling can have a disadvantage over weapons specifically made for close-combat, such as the Sploosh-o-matic.

What about defence? Well, miniguns, or in this case, splatlings, are often seen as defensive weapons, but because the Zink Mini Splatling has a lower range than the Heavy Splatling and the Hydra Splatling, and the convenience that it can charge quickly, this weapon is more suited to offensive/close(but not too close)-quartered gameplay. Not only that, but the sub weapon, the special weapon, and its description briefly point it out.

Now, the Zink Mini Splatling is great at inking turf, but in a turf war, this is the kind of weapon that is not only great at claiming the floor with your colours, but its sub weapon is great at assistance, attack and defence, and its special is great at assistance and defence, so it would be hard to say specifically which game mode would be best suited to it. This main weapon does great in all areas, but if you wanna have a better chance of ensuring a victory, you’re better off using this in a turf war.

However, what would be the best way to use the ZInk Mini Splatling? Well, so far, we know that it is a weapon that is best used in offence, but is still good at defence during combat. This main weapon is best used in close proximity to an area where your teammates are to help them out and ensure you knock out an intruder to your turf. If the Zink Mini Splatling could have a class, I would say that it would belong in the Support class. While this weapon has good potential in defence, and great potential in offence, this weapon shines its brightest when in a team.

One example of a strategy using this weapon could be that you stick with someone and help them paint the floor. When you see an enemy, use your Disruptor (provided you have enough ink) or help them splat the enemy. The process of filling your special tank may be slower because you’re inking turf in an area close to a comrade. You could go to other areas, but you’d never go too far away from your ally, ensuring that you will survive. Once you and your comrade(s) are in a pinch, use your Bubbler and conquer a lot of turf. The Bubbler can best be used by telling everyone to come to you, then activating your special. The Bubbler is also great in situations where there is 3 or more inklings covering up turf. If your enemy team becomes defensive, you could constantly help out the rest of your teammates that are going to attack them to claim your turf without disturbance.

Mastering this weapon can be easily done by sticking to your teammates, helping them out and adapting to your opponents’ strategy, whilst using each of your weapons provided in this set.

Did You Laugh? - Surprise Eggs

This so-called 'educational' video is about surprise eggs. However, I think it's more weird and nonsensical than educational. Watch it. Did you laugh? Let us know on Google Classroom!
Learn Colors with Surprise Eggs Prank 3D for Kids Toddlers Color Balls Smiley Face [DuckDuckKidsTV]

How to Cook Stuff - Pepperoni PIIIZZAAAAAAA (Simple Edition)

This is the simple edition of this Pepperoni PIIIZZAAAAAAA recipe.


Lebanese Bread/Wrap Bread

Tomato Paste/Tomato Sauce




Step 1: Preheat your oven to 180C.

Step 2: Get out your Lebanese Bread/Wrap Bread and put it somewhere.

Step 3: Put the Tomato Paste/Tomato Sauce on your chosen bread.


Step 5: Add the Pepperonis.

Step 6: Put it in the oven until the pizza is cooked, the CHEEEEEEEEEEEESE is melted, the Pepperonis get a tan and the bread is crispy.

Step 7: Wait for it to cool down.

Step 8: Eat.

Weekly Art-ish Stuff

Here's this issue's art-ish stuff. You're free to use it in memes, collages, videos, etc.

Toast Fairy Discovered

Has your toast been stolen? Well, we may have an explanation.

A toast fairy has been discovered that has an addiction for toast. Its vocabulary only consists of 'toast' and 'yeah toast'. Its appearance will be a Shy Guy from the famous Mario franchise with a pair of wings and a piece of toast in its hand.

If you make toast with a Hotel Mario toaster and Bowser's Sourpuss Bread, you're mostly at risk of getting it nabbed by this toast fairy.