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Shifting to the New Michigan Science Standards Through Assessment

The New Michigan Science Standards are based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and its new vision for science education. Realizing this vision depends upon a transformation of how science is assessed. In order to effectively target the complex, progressive standards, educators must adopt a more robust assessment system that includes formative and summative performance tasks.

A Crash Course for Administrators: Supporting the NEW Vision for Science Education

Michigan’s New NGSS-based Science Standards (soon to be adopted) challenge our schools to aspire to a new and more legitimate vision for science education. It is articulated by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), of which Michigan’s new standards are wholly comprised. Strong, sustained commitment and strategic support from district leadership are imperative in order to realize the new vision.

While full implementation will occur over the next several years, NOW is the time for teachers to shift instructional practice and for leaders to transform building and district systems so that barriers to change are dismantled.

Activating Michigan’s New Science Standards NOW: A hands-on series designed to bring the NGSS Practices to life in Michigan classrooms

The New Michigan Science Standards aspire to the NGSS Vision for science education and are in fact wholly comprised of NGSS components. While full implementation will occur over the next several years, NOW is the time to shift instructional practice so that the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices become routine for students in our science classrooms. This series will be structured into three separate, two-day workshops, each focusing on a cluster of NGSS Science and Engineering Practices. Participants will develop a deep understanding of the NGSS practices and learn practical instructional strategies that support their implementation.

Activating the NGSS Vision requires the use of a well-developed instructional framework such as the 5-E learning cycle, problem based learning, or Argument Driven Inquiry. Participants will experience model lessons using these frameworks and learn management strategies required for successful implantation. Register for any or all of the two-day workshops.

Elementary Science Curriculum Network

Oakland Schools Science Units have been redesigned to serve as a bridge from our current standards to the New Michigan Science Standards (which are soon to be adopted and are entirely based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)). The New standards aspire to a vision where students shape and engage in science investigations and engineering projects. The new units continue to target the content in our current Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs), while focusing on the NGSS practices (e.g., asking questions, analyzing evidence and developing explanations and arguments). Informational writing expectations of the Common Core State Standards are also embedded in the units (for grades K-3).

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