Donatello was a very important man in the Renaissance (1386-1466). He was an amazing sculpter and his works are still admired. He spent most of his life in his birthplace of FLorence Italy. He had 2 patrons, Jeremiah and Habakuk. Donatello believed in humanism and secularism. I can tell this through his work because he has no sign of religion in any of them.

The Winged Child

This piece was made by Donatello in the mid 15th century(No specific date). This piece is located in the metropolitan museum of art. This was made of pure bronze which was not that common in this time period. This piece, in my opinion, is strongly connected to humanism because you can clearly see that it is a pure human body and no changes to it. I find this piece very interesting because it was made almost 600 years ago but it still shows so much detail it is just amazing.

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Creator : Paduan School (15th century) (Italian, 15th C.) (attributed to)
Title : Presumed Portrait of Donatello
Repository : Museo Civico, Padua, Italy
ARTstor : FRICKIG_1039776299

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Creator : Sculptor: Artist close to Donatello
Title : Winged Child
Date : Mid-15th century (ca. 1440)
Repository : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Repository :
ARTstor : MMA_IAP_10311575801