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November 17, 2018

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough." - Maya Angelou

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Calendar of Events

  • November 19 - Drama Performance 6:00pm
  • November 19-20 - Body Safety Program at SGE (K-4)
  • November 21-23 - Thanksgiving Break- No School
  • December 3-7- OLSAT testing for 3rd grade
  • December 14 - PTO Dessert Dive
  • December 14 - Stonegate Singers Concert at ZWest 7:30pm
  • December 21 - PTO Winter Parties
  • December 21 - End of 2nd quarter
  • December 24-January 4 - Winter Break- No School

Look Who Was Sent to the Principal's Office!

John Florian

Marik Mitchell

We love our students and are thrilled when they are recognized for all the positive acts of kindness they contribute in their classrooms!

Miss Wetzel's Counseling Corner

This month, my counseling lessons have been focused on Gratitude! Gratitude means feeling thankful or appreciative of what you already have. Practicing gratitude means taking the time to reflect on the things we are really grateful for. We discussed how to show gratitude, like writing a thank you note or doing an act of kindness, and why we show gratitude. Gratitude is more than just a feeling! We can make it a verb by helping your child practice showing gratitude every day. You can support your child’s gratitude growth by having them reflect on three things they were thankful for in the day, what act of kindness they did for someone else, or keeping a joy journal. By recognizing what we are grateful for, we can multiply our happiness and well-being!

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Holiday Assistance

Please click the link below for more information on Holiday Assistance!

Holiday Assistance

SGE Spotlight: Kindergarten Music with Mr. Budd

What’s happening in Music Class?

New to our music classes this year is the addition of Kindergarten classes. Our Kindergarten music classes started the year with an exploration into classical music. They have experienced the music of Vivaldi and Handel. We also have learned some fun songs with motions. Every Kindergarten music class begins with singing solfeggio. Most kindergarteners can now sing the full diatonic scale forward and backward using solfege syllables. For the past several weeks in Kindergarten music class, students have been preparing for their Kindergarten Sing performance. Students are excited and anxious to perform what they have learned.

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Kindergarten Sing!

We can never get enough of our Kindergarten students singing songs, reciting poems, and telling us what they are thankful for this time of year! They did such a wonderful performing in front of our many parents, grandparents and younger siblings. Many thanks to everyone who came to support our students. We are so proud of each one!

November Wellness

Are you ready to take the November Fitness Challenge-DOING PLANKS and GIVING THANKS? Each month, Mrs. Torrance will post a new fitness challenge on the Wellness Canvas Page. Complete the challenge at least 10 days each month and earn a toe token as well as a chance for random prizes. Encourage all family members and friends to participate! Have FUN with FITNESS!

Why Plank Exercises? Plank exercises strengthen the core. Core muscles help support the body and allow us to use our arms and legs strongly and effectively. Strong core muscles form the foundation for good posture, coordination, and balance. All gross and fine motor skills rely on a stable core!

Mrs. Torrance would like to remind children to wear tennis shoes everyday to safely move and play. Tennis shoes are required for wellness. As the weather becomes colder and boots are worn to school, please send a pair of tennis shoes especially on wellness days. Children are not able to participate safely in many activities without proper footwear. If anyone has gently worn shoes that they would like to donate, Mrs. Torrance could use them for children in need. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is overflowing! If your child is missing something, feel free to send them to the lost and found located in the back of the cafeteria. There are gloves, hats, sweatshirts, coats, lunch boxes, and much more. The items can be found on the table (shown) and in the cabinet.

***PTO Information***

Stonegate Spirit Wear

Spiritwear is now available through the Stonegate PTO for a limited time. The online store will be open until 11/25. Orders will be fulfilled prior to winter break.

Shop here:


Textbook Rental Fees

Elementary fee statements were emailed several months ago. Payment for the 2018-19 school year were due in September. Didn’t receive your statement? Textbook rental fee statements can now be viewed in PowerSchool! Simply log in to your PowerSchool parent account or your student’s PowerSchool account, and click on the BALANCE tab on the left side of the screen. You will see your student’s itemized statement, payments made, and current account balance.

NEW – for a flat fee of $3.80 per transaction, save time and the hassle of writing/mailing a check and make your payment online via SchoolPay.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Textbook Rental, please visit

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We value partnerships with our families and welcome parents and guardians to serve as volunteers in our schools. Each ZCS building offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

Examples include:

  • Field Trip Chaperones
  • Out of Town/Overnight Chaperones
  • Tutors
  • Volunteer Coaches
  • Classroom Helpers (PTO parties/room parents)
  • Library Helpers
  • After Prom Workers
  • Field Day/Jog-A-Thon Volunteers
  • Book Fair Sales/Athletic Ticket Sales

During the school day, all volunteers are expected to sign in at the front office. Prior to the volunteer opportunity, all volunteers must sign a Non-disclosure Acknowledgement Form and have successfully completed a Full Criminal History Background Check. Necessary background check paperwork is available on the ZCS website at the Volunteers/BRAVO link and should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the intended volunteer date. Volunteers must also view the state mandated confidentiality/bullying video, provided on the Volunteer/BRAVO website. The volunteer will pay the fee* for the full background check which will expire after 5 years. The link to apply for the full background check can be accessed on the Volunteers/BRAVO link on the ZCS main webpage. For more information, contact the Volunteer/BRAVO Coordinator.


During the school day, all visitors must enter via the front door and sign-in at the front office. Visitors need to be prepared to present a government-issued photo ID which will be scanned against the National Sex Offender Registry. All visitors will be issued a visitor badge/tag to be worn inside the building at all times.

Examples Include:

  • Lunch Guests
  • Classroom Guest Speakers
  • Classroom Special Events (Grandparent Day/Famous Hoosiers/etc.)
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

We ask that all visitors schedule an appointment to meet with teachers, counselors, administrators and all other staff members so that we may best serve everyone. Visitors other than parents/guardians must be prearranged and organized through the main office.

*ZCS thanks all volunteers for the generous support of our youth and schools. Thank you, too, for supporting the assurance of student and staff safety by completing and paying for a volunteer background check.

Did You Know?

ZCS, like other public schools, has a no-idling policy for vehicles on campus. The purpose of the policy is to limit vehicle emissions that might be brought into the schools and adversely impact the health of our students and staff. If you are stopped on campus for more than 5 minutes, please remember to turn off your engine. We thank you for abiding by this policy to help reduce the exposure to these emissions.

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