An Island off the coast of Australia

Climate, Geography, Land

Fiji has a tropical climate. It is located off the coast of Australia in the Southwest Pacific, North of New Zealand. It is about the same size as Hawaii. It often has violent hurricanes around its volcanic, mountainous areas. It has abundant coral reefs, tropical forests in the Southeast, and in the Northwest it has grassy plains. Fiji is a humid island with temperatures ranging from 72 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fijians wear light and casual clothing that is VERY conservative. Women don't wear shorts or pants; just wrap around cloths called sulu vaka toga. They are starting to have western influenced clothing. Fijians eat and grow starchy roots (taro & Cassava). They eat leafy veggies, tropical fruits, seafood, beef, chicken and pork. For breakfast, they drink tea from tin bowls, rice, and leftovers from the night before. They eat lots of different curries. The religions include Christianity, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist.

Fun Fact: women and girls eat after men and boys

Fun Fact: tilting the head down and avoiding eye contact is respectful when speaking

Fijian Gestures

  • staring is offensive
  • pointing is rude
  • hands on hips is aggressive
  • patting ones head is offensive
  • showing affection in public is rude, even if you're dating or married
  • people will frown at you if you show affection


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