The First Amazing Games Ever Made!

Emili A. Period 5

All of the people laughed and cheered as they played the first video game ever made. Some people might not enjoy video games that much, but there are a lot of people who do. But most of them really just enjoy the newer versions. However, even the oldest type of video games can be greatest.

Most people probably don't think about the first video game ever made. But even if they do they probably think it's something like The Legend of Zelda, Mario, or something similar to that. I have to admit, I thought that too at first, but actually it's a game called Tennis for Two! Tennis for Two was made in 1958 and it was created by William A. Higinbotham. In fact , when William finished it he decided to put it in a museum, because he thought that this attraction would make a museum a bit more fun. Who knew that it was popular, hundreds of people were in line and they just had to have a chance at a new, fun, and exciting game.

Although this game didn't have any levels or stages, or even a difficulty change, two players would have to face off and see who was the best at it. Or it might have just been luck. Tennis for Two was made for the Magnovox Odyssey or an anolog computer. Who knows what museums would be like today if William hadn't created Tennis for two. The cool thing is that some people still play it today, but it is very rare.

Now the second video game is one that you might know, but you might have mistaken it to be the first video game. This one is called Pong! Pong was built in 1972 and it was created by Atari. However, instead of it being made for an anolog computer or the Magnovox Odyssey, it was made to be an arcade game. This one is built kind of like Tennis for Two. It has no levels, stages, or a difficulty change. But instead of it being a tennis game it was supposed to be known as a ping-pong game, but some people would still mistake it for a tennis game. But the reason why they wanted to create Pong was because they wanted to build a simpler and less expensive video game. So when they decided to put Pong in the arcade who knew that everybody would wait in line for hours just to play it even if it meant being in line all day! In fact, many people still play it today!

See, the oldest video games can be the most popular today! Not all of them are popular today or even back then, but that doesn't mean they're bad. And who knows maybe if you played one that wasn't that popular you might like it or it might just be just be your favorite! Just remember never judge a book by it's cover!


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