Manuel Noriega


Essential Question

What effect did Manuel Noriega have on the well being of the people of Panama?


  • Born Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno on February 11th, 1934
  • Studied at city's stop school but was forced to end his dreams of going to medical school because of financial issues. Instead, he attended military school
  • 1967 joined Panama National Guard
  • Also work with CIA from the 1950's to the 1980's
  • Was paid by CIA but not under contract until 1967
  • Indicted on Federal drug charges by the DEA on February 4th, 1989

Noriega Capture News Footage
This video clip describes the capture of Manuel Noriega and can show reaction of how people took his capture around the world. There were news stations everywhere notifying the public of the surrender of this man. Although it was not majorly publicized before this moment in time, this night that all changed. The president held a press conference to explain to the public what Noriega had done, as well as to express the gratitude that he had that Noriega had finally surrendered. The drug charges against him and the conspiracy that he had made against the US were big highlights in the news that stated he had been secured by US officials and was being taken out of Panama to face trial in a federal US court.

Criminal Charges

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Laundering money into drug cartels
  • Ordering murders of political opponents
  • Racketeering
  • Conspiracy (Believed to have given information not only to allies of the US, but also to Communist Cuba)
  • Sentenced to 40 years in prison but then had it reduced to 30. He was then let off after 17 years due to good behavior
  • Sent to France to face trial for Money laundering instead of being allowed to return to Panama


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